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Topics: Addiction/Recovery, Success

Areas: Poplar Bluff, St. Louis, Missouri; National, International

Title: Author, Motivational Speaker: Addiction/Recovery


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Author/motivational speaker provides addicts with powerful, proven techniques to carve their way out of the vicious cycle of addiction and return to a sustained drug-free existence.

Are you or someone you know fighting a losing battle with addiction? Do you want to spot the triggers that send 75% of people back to rehab and learn powerful ways to resist them? At last, you can win the daily struggle to be clean and sober forever! Motivational speaker and recovering drug-addict-turned-minister Willie Holloway saved himself from the addiction and childhood abuse that plunged him into a life of drugs, sex, violent behavior, auto accidents and repeated suicide attempts, and today he shares the powerful strategies he used to help others end their nightmare once and for all.

Reverend Holloway’s life-changing presentation shows audiences how to:

  • Recognize they have a problem
  • Identify triggers that cause relapse
  • Implement powerful strategies for a successful recovery
  • Make a life-long commitment to healing
  • Get rid of judgmental or negative people and enablers
  • Save and improve the quality of their lives
  • Connect with people and organizations who can help and support them and show up for meetings
  • Stay busy by setting goals

Willie’s common-sense “one day at a time” approach to sobriety gives your audience powerful strategies to make rehab successful once and for all. “Because you’re constantly being tempted, you must surround yourself with positive-thinking, supportive people,” he counsels—and he shows how to do this. “Those who enabled you in the past no longer have a place in your life,” he adds.

Reverend Holloway speaks from personal experience. As a young man, he was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver, and though by the grace of God, he and his passenger were unharmed, the traumatic event plunged him deeply into drugs and gambling. Soon after, he and his wife lost their home, but a prophetic dream—a clear sign from God—warned him he was headed down a dangerous path and he turned his life around just in time.

It took that dream of 11 years ago to turn him away from the drugs, and today, his passionate presentations and book, The Life of Willie Holloway, show audiences that no matter what your addiction, with hard work and faith, you can deliver yourself from that which threatens to destroy you.

Whether the addiction is drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, or work, Reverend Holloway’s audiences leave his inspiring presentations able to admit they have a problem, face it head-on, break the cycle of endless rehab, and build a new, drug-free life.


  • Community organizations
  • Colleges, universities, youth groups, high schools
  • Churches, synagogues, religious, Christian groups
  • Rehab centers, recovery support groups


Presented as keynote, breakout, seminar or workshop, retreat or training. Willie Holloway is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Living a Clean and Sober Life      

Minister Willie Holloway passionately discusses life after drugs and what it takes for a recovering addict to sustain a successful recovery and deal with guilt, shame, and denial. To stay clean and sober and live a productive lifestyle, his audience discovers how to:

  • Recognize they have a problem
  • Identify triggers that cause relapse
  • Implement powerful strategies for a successful recovery
  • Make a life-long commitment to healing
  • Get rid of judgmental or negative people and enablers
  • Save and improve the quality of their lives
  • Stay busy by setting goals.
  • Find a strong support group and show up for meetings

Audiences leave with powerful strategies for digging out of self-destructive denial and claiming a new safe, sane, and sober place for themselves and their families.


Meet Willie Holloway…

A recovering addict for the past 20 years, Willie Holloway is an author, motivational speaker, and full-time minister of the Lively Stone Church of God in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Minister Holloway has been in the ministry for 11 years since attending Three Rivers Community College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, where he majored in lab technology. He gives back to his community by helping the local elderly population and talking to teens and adults about his rise from the depths of poverty and addiction to the ministries and community advocacy.

Willie was featured on Fox 23’s The Spiel, where he told his story of overcoming drug addiction, which almost cost him his family and his life, and he’s the author of The Life and Times of Willie Holloway. He lives in Poplar Buff, Missouri, with his wife Evelyn Holloway and their six children: Tamara Lewis, Alonzo Holloway, Chasity Lane, Alicia Santos, Falet Duren and Laveda Barnes.

What people are saying…

“How did this man who stood before me make it through all the pitfalls of his life struggle? The only thing I can think of is GOD! Willie Holloway’s life story and his love for his fellow man is a true inspiration to others. With all the evil trappings that surrounded him on a daily basis, he managed to successfully avoid their temptation and transform his life.”
—Mark A. Berry

“Any person of faith knows that we all go through trials and difficulties. What matters is how you handle each of the challenges you face. In The Life and Times of Willie Holloway, Minister Holloway takes us into the life he once knew, the choices he made, and how it affected not just his life but those who loved him.”
—Cyrus Webb; Talk show/radio host, Conversations Live


Books by Willie Holloway

The Life and Times of Willie Holloway

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A life-changing book about the struggles and personal obstacles Willie Holloway overcame to get to where he is today. Willie shares his personal insights on a life of drugs, sex, violent behavior, and the physical and verbal abuse of his childhood.
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