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Website: drbillsaleebey.com
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Availability: California, Western U.S.

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Topics: Networking, Business Development

Travels from: California

Title: Networking Expert, Author, Business Development Coach


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Networking expert and business development coach provides powerful techniques for generating business and building lasting relationships.

Do you want to increase your business and build meaningful and enduring relationships? Are you prepared to work the process? Networking expert and business development coach, Dr. Bill Saleebey, uses compelling stories and insightful examples to teach you how networking works and how to use it successfully, regardless of your personality and available time. In a simple, witty and wise presentation that’s drawn thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, Dr. Saleebey reveals the key psychological components of interpersonal and group communication. Whether you’re a professional looking to connect with others, a salesperson trying to increase business, or someone who simply wants a strong network for a sense of community, the charismatic Dr. Saleebey promises to help you achieve your goal.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Give a memorable elevator speech
  • Build a network both wide and deep
  • Build long-term relationships
  • Spot psychological differences that account for how relationships develop
  • Raise your profile so people know who you are and what you do
  • Give before you receive when you network (“Pay it forward”)
  • Combine social media with in-person networking
  • Feel at ease with both personal and business conversation
  • Get the most out of networking groups

Bill shows your audience how to avoid the biggest networking misconceptions (you have to be phony, you have to pass out lots of business cards) and how to overcome fear of large groups, get to know people, use social media effectively, and fit networking into your busy schedule. Everyone leaves Bill Saleebey’s talk feeling optimistic, knowing they can succeed in the networking process simply by being themselves


Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, business groups, nonprofits
  • Executive managers, sales reps, team leaders, HR professionals
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials, retirees
  • Community organizations
  • Networking groups
  • Colleges, universities, schools, youth groups
  • Parents, educators
  • Business and civic groups
  • Entrepreneurs, small offices
  • Travel companies
  • Realtors/real estate associations
  • Therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches


Presented as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and Webinars. Dr. Saleebey is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Networking as a Way of Life
Is networking a matter of just being friendly and outgoing, shaking a lot of hands, passing out business cards, and talking to lots of people? Or is it much more than that? Dr. Bill Saleebey, author of Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag, sees networking as a way of life and about building long-term relationships. This presentation shows audiences how to show up, focus on giving rather than receiving, and build relationships more through personal than business conversations. You’ll learn how to generate a wide and deep network through in-person contacts as well as the prudent use of social media. Audiences leave with easy-to-understand and memorable takeaways that can be used immediately by all types of personalities.

Build Your Network Before You Need it
Looking for a new job or career? Now is the time to build your network—before you need it. This presentation focuses on the long-term nature of networking and encourages attendees to begin building their network with future opportunities in mind. It’s especially appropriate for job-seekers who want a viable network that connects them with decision-makers. Dr. Saleebey emphasizes the concept of likability and shows how to make inroads into groups that will eventually become their networks. You’ll learn how to build a network that generates introductions and referrals—when you need them most!

Rainmaking for Professionals
This presentation by Dr. Bill Saleebey, author of Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag, is specifically designed for people in professional firms who aspire to become partners. It shows how to work the concept of “Know, Like, Trust, Refer,” and teaches how to navigate networking groups. You’ll learn how to join, participate, and benefit from networking by showing up, getting involved, and using social media for that promotion that moves you up the ladder and may even lead to a partnership.


Meet Bill Saleebey…

For over 25 years, Dr. Bill Saleebey has been the foremost expert on the psychological aspects of networking—both business and personal—and he’s a professional networking coach. The author of three books: Study Skills for Success, Sell Yourself, and Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag, Dr. Saleebey is currently Vice President of Chapter Development for Bruin Professionals, the premier networking group of UCLA, and Group Leader for ProVisors. He has formed many networking groups and served on several as group leader. For the past six years, Dr. Saleebey has been speaking full-time to professional groups, civic organizations, universities, and networking groups. He has a doctorate degree from UCLA in Educational Psychology.

What people are saying…

“Dr. Bill Saleebey gave a fantastic presentation on networking skills to Young Alumni Professionals. His topic was extremely relevant, clear and quite entertaining. The audience was riveted and commented about the value of the presentation. Dr. Saleebey is a true professional and outstanding speaker!”
—Misha Silin, President, Young Alumni Professionals

“Bill has a wonderful ability to convey this subject of networking in an understandable manner which goes well with his extensive knowledge and keen insight. Every time I’ve heard him speak I’ve learned something new.”
—Robert Klein, Group Leader, ProVisors

“Dr. William Saleebey’s dynamic and engaging presentation can help everyone be more effective networkers—an essential skill for a successful career. Drawing from a remarkable wealth of knowledge on the subject, he breaks networking into clear phases of connection and his stories and examples help make the process come alive.”
—Penny Peak, Director of Alumni Relations and Programs, California State University, Hayward, CA

“Dr. William Saleebey is a top-notch speaker who is able to convey simple, yet innovative and memorable ideas. Having heard Dr. Saleebey present to our organization on useful networking strategies, not only did I personally utilize his advice, but highly recommended to my law firm to share his ideas with a broader audience. Bill is not only able to gauge the room and adjust his presentation accordingly, but interact with the audience and inspire them. He was super- helpful and resourceful, ensuring that there was follow-up from the presentation to make sure our group digested the information accordingly.”
—Mark Treitel, Litigation Attorney, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan

“Dr. Bill Saleebey did an outstanding job speaking to the lawyers with diverse specialties at the ProVisors Valley Lawyers affinity group. He covered all the essentials of networking and practice development that attorneys need to build their business. His insights into the realities of business networking were presented clearly, concisely and were replete with relevant examples. Saleebey is a true thought leader and his style of speaking is both thoroughly professional and highly impressive.”
—Jacob Stein, Esq.

“The topic of networking is on everyone’s lips these days, especially those who seek to dramatically increase their business. Bill Saleebey’s extraordinary acumen and entertaining wit make him an unbeatable combination in the field.”
—Henry Kimmel, Clinical Psychologist, San Fernando Valley Psychological Association

“Bill gave a presentation to my professional accounting group on the importance of networking and ways to improve our networking skills. He discussed real-life situations and expertly involved our members with a group discussion that covered the pros and cons. All the attendees learned methods to improve their networking skills. We will definitely invite Bill again to present this very important topic.”
—Eliot Ullman, Certified Public Accountant, San Gabriel Valley Accountant Association


Books by Dr. Bill Saleebey

Key Networking Tips for Business and Life

Product DetailsThis book covers every conceivable aspect of business and personal networking, and considers networking as a way of life. The author has extensive training in both psychology and business development, and brings to bear both areas of expertise as the foremost expert in the psychology of networking. There are over 100 immediately useful networking tips, as well as numerous networking exercises that can be used by readers and leaders of networking  Read more

Connecting Beyond the Name Tag

Product DetailsA book designed to assist business professionals and others in expanding their professional and personal networks to develop referrals, resources, ideas and contacts. Readers will increase their sphere of influence, enhancing personal development and career advancement. They will learn how to become a power networker while building mutually beneficial… Read more