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Phone: 917-547-8822
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Websites: www.loveremembers.net; www.brainsproutsmemory.net
Availability: S. California, California, New York City; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Inquire about fees outside the area.

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Topics: Career Change, Presentation Skills, Memory Training, ADD/ADHD, High School Speaking, College Speaking, Baby Boomers, Health, Aging Gracefully

Areas: S. California, California, New York City, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Titles: Author, Motivational Speaker; Memory Expert for healthy minds, brain-injured and stroke; Alzheimer’s Expert


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Memory expert presents brain-training system that helps you think faster, excel at tests and public speaking, retain names and data, boost creativity and banish fear of age-related decline.

Can your brain and mind can be strengthened at any age—even if injury, stroke or Alzheimer’s is present? “Yes!” says brain and memory expert Vicki Mizel, creator of the revolutionary Brain Sprouts memory system that stimulates neuro-branch growth in the brain, thus improving memory. You’ll never worry again about losing information that’s important, remembering key points for a speech or meeting, or losing your memory with age. Vicki’s entertaining presentation gives you a memory system in one hour that you’ll use for the rest of your life. Want to banish your fear of Alzheimer’s, even if you’ve seen a family member suffer? “One out of four people gets dementia or dies after retirement,” says Vicki, “but you can be free from worry about age-related decline when you spend just a few minutes a day regenerating your brain.”

You and your group will learn simple, fun exercises that strengthen your brain in just 10-15 minutes a day, revealing remarkable skills you didn’t know you had. “You’ll  improve memory, imagination, test-taking ability, creativity and happiness levels,” says Vicki, “and when that happens it can lead to better career choices, greater confidence, and overall satisfaction with your life.”

You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase memory, comprehension and retention
  • Strengthen visual and creative imagination
  • Remember names instantly
  • Think faster
  • Raise test scores
  • Speak without notes
  • End fear of Alzheimer’s, age decline and memory loss
  • Sharpen analytical skills and test-taking techniques
  • Develop the ‘mind’s eye’
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Remember lines (for actors)
  • Take control of your mental and physical health

“No one has to be limited by age or infirmity,” says Vicki, a consultant in health care and education who’s been giving speeches and seminars, nationally and internationally, for over 20 years. She’s worked with IBM, ROLM, Hewlett Packard, Prudential, Chase Manhattan, and Apple Bank, improving employee motivation and work quality, corporate goals, customer service, and performance skills. “When there are fewer mistakes, it improves the bottom line and employee morale,” she explains.

And if you or a loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s, Vicki’s talk can change your life. “A dementia or Alzheimer’s person who asks the same question sixty times an hour will stop asking that question within five minutes of practicing multi-sensory modalities and improvisation,” says Vicki.  

Vicki speaks from first-hand experience, having used her breakthrough system to speed her own recovery. “I was brain-injured from a severe truck/car accident and recovered,” she says. She used her techniques again following an illness from chemical toxicity. “I’ve witnessed memory enhancements in my students, patients, and now my own brain,” she adds. “I even developed new skills I didn’t know I had prior to using these memory methods. Now, I want everyone to know their God-given talents and develop their skills so they can thrive and flourish in their lives.”

Your audience leaves Vicki Mizel’s energetic talk confident that memory and mind strength can improve over time, free of worry about Alzheimer’s or decline, and with simple techniques that sharpen the mind and help them renew their passion and purpose in life.

Best-fit Audiences

□ Alzheimer’s affiliates, gerontology groups
□ Assisted living residences, retirees
□ Executive managers, sales reps, team leaders, HR professionals
□ Baby Boomers, Millennials, retirees
□ Colleges, universities, schools, youth groups
□ Churches, synagogues, religious, Christian groups
□ Libraries, museums
□ Realtors/real estate associations
□ Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
□ Nursing programs, medical centers
□ Rehab centers, recovery support groups
□ Caretakers, healers, health workers, cancer survivors


Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and Webinars, and customized for your group. Vicki Mizel is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

How to Remember Names (Even if you’ve had a few drinks)

Every day, every aspect of our lives requires us to use our memory. We’re constantly memorizing or calling on information we have memorized, but we all know from experience that we are not always successful in recalling the information we need when we need it. The Brain Sprouts Memory system solves that problem.

In this fun, interactive talk, Vicki Mizel shows how to make associations and turn intangible items and information into visual pictures. You’ll learn fun techniques like how to remember names by recalling an outstanding characteristic on the person’s face and associating it with a picture that reminds you of the name. The audience leaves Vicki’s presentation knowing how to remember names, faces and facts and change short-term memory into long-term recall.

No More Fear of Alzheimer’s: How to Be Your Best Self at 90 and Beyond

Imagine using more of your brain capacity now and increasing it over time by 15 to 50 percent! This talk presents the basics of the Brain Sprouts neural-regenerative method, which actually increases your neural branch growth. Using simple, fun techniques that take only minutes a day, you’ll be so smart by age 70 and have so much neural ‘foliage’ that you’ll be immune to memory loss! This system is easy to use and you can practice it on whatever matters to you.   

Passion Quest: Finding the Work You Love and Loving the Work You Do

What would have happened if Michelangelo had to take a 9 to 5 job? Don’t let your creative gifts and life purpose pass you by! Vicki Mizel’s Passion Quest workshop will help you envision and clarify a new career direction by using probing questions, group support, coaching, an action plan and visualization.

Participants leave with an action plan to express their unique gifts and talents and make a living at what they love. This talk is perfect for teachers, educators, career counselors, therapists, and gerontologists who work with clients, or for anyone frustrated with what they do now and considering a new career.

Passion Quest can be offered as a short presentation, two half-day seminar in placement centers for students, foster children, juveniles, or in retirement and assisted living residences. It can also be used by individuals looking to change jobs or create an entirely new lifestyle. Participants leave this talk or seminar with a clear vision of what goals they want to achieve in their lives and with an action plan to help them get there.  

Public Speaking with Joy and Love (no fear)

Are you as afraid of speaking in public as you are of death by fire? Research shows that these two fears top the list for most people, but this presentation will give you the calm and confidence you need to deliver a riveting talk in public. Using the Brain Sprouts methods of association, you’ll recall key words and phrases, turn them into visual pictures, and organize all your material into a powerful speech. But wait, there’s more! Vicki shows how to give your talk with great eye contact and use your voice and body language to boost audience rapport. You’ll stay calm and relaxed during your delivery and, best of all, you don’t even need notes! This life-changing talk will end your fear of public speaking forever.

Meet Vicki Mizel…

Vicki Mizel was trained as an educator and public speaker. The founder of Isiris Creative Learning Systems, she began offering her unique Brain Sprouts Memory Method, presentation skills and listening skills in 1980 to school children in public high schools. Within a short time she was training executives in Fortune 500 corporations such as IBM, ROLM, Prudential, and Hewlett Packard; taught seniors and Alzheimer’s patients through community college; and gave public seminars nationally and internationally. She also produced a highly successful audio-tape/CD program on memory training.

After 20 years of teaching and training, Vicki returned to graduate school to receive her Master’s degree in psychology. She now offers her programs to therapists, healthcare practitioners, medical facilities, and spouses and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. Trained at the Actor’s Institute in Manhattan, Vicki won the Bronze Halo award for her one woman show, “Going Solo” and now coaches actors in learning scripts and characterization. In addition, she assists individuals, pre-retirees and companies through career transition with her program, “Passion Quest: Finding the Work You Love and Loving the Work You Do!” Vicki is the author of Brain Sprouts: Love Remembers, a personal memoir and guide for caretakers, spouses and loved ones of Alzheimer’s patients. Vicki hosted a 13-part radio series on VoiceAmerica Internet network entitled “Feeding Your Selves and Your Cells,” which explored the newest research on brain regeneration and improving cognitive brain health. She resides in Los Angeles.

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Forty-seven million adults presently suffer from Alzheimer’s. This number will only increase. Employ the methods shared in this important book to keep yourself mentally well and to help loved ones who may suffer memory loss. In 400 BC, Aristotle taught memory improvement by using “visual, sensory, auditory, tactile modes, with an emotional component.” Vicki Mizel uses the same approach, updated for our contemporary world. When no one believed the brain could regenerate, she was improving the brain function of Alzheimer’s patients, successfully helping them recall information.

Vicki’s pioneering work, starting in 1984, has now been verified by the medical profession. The brain can regenerate! You can start now employing memory methods to exercise and assist brain function. Daily practice of only five to ten minutes can help prevent memory loss from worsening. Eventually, if 60 percent of our baby boomers are in nursing homes, debilitated because of Alzheimer’s, it could bankrupt our economy, disrupt families, and ruin lives that might have remained active into old, old age. Vicki Mizel’s book offers her proven memory methods to you now.