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Executive Coach shows how Succession Planning, the art of growing internal leadership and retaining talent, allows you to create a winning team and keep your organization running smoothly during crisis, change or unexpected departures.

If you were hit by a truck tomorrow, do you know who would replace you in your organization? What about the level below you? Are they equipped now? Would the transition be seamless? What short- and long-term impact would it have on your company, team, revenue, the Board, and your customers?

In her dynamic, inspirational talk, Executive Coach Teri R. Fisher shows how to master Succession Planning—the art of growing internal leadership —so that when a key player leaves or is promoted, you’re always fully prepared. “Succession planning is a deliberate and systematic effort made by an organization to ensure that a well-stocked pipeline of qualified individuals are equipped and ready to assume key positions,” says Teri, whose client list includes Sun Microsystems, CitiFinancial, Entergy, and the CIA. “It’s about retaining and developing leadership while protecting an organization’s intellectual capital.”

You’ll learn strategies to set in motion right now to ensure that when change, crisis or turnover demand swift action, your best people are ready to step in and make “it” happen. And you’ll hear Teri Fisher’s inspiring story of how she was forced to put Succession Planning to the test when she faced a personal, life-threatening crisis. “I had to rely on the concepts I’d been teaching to organizations for years, and they worked beautifully!” she says. “I had a killer team ready and willing to step in and handle things when I had to let go and be absent. It was like getting a doctoral degree in Succession Planning, and it left me with a much deeper understanding of its impact—especially if not addressed—and how it touches all areas of our lives.”

You’ll leave Teri’s informative, heartfelt talks confident that you’re prepared to meet any challenge or crisis, tap strengths you didn’t know you had, and turn challenges into business success.

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All presentations are tailored to the specific needs of your group or organization.

Talent Management: Creative Leadership for Your Best and Brightest

The Success Differentiator: Driving Performance & Accountability

The Leadership Edge: Mastering Vision & Creating Followership

Secrets of an Energized Workplace: Retaining and Engaging Top Talent

In today’s electronic age, the human element in business has never been more important. Create an energized and committed workforce in which employees welcome and seek out greater responsibility. Learn the keys to unleashing excellence.

Why God Chose Me: Life Lessons from a Life-Threatening Experience

Stricken by an unexpected life threatening condition in 2010, business owner, wife and mother of two, Teri Fisher shares her epiphanies along a personal journey of self- discovery and wisdom gained ? while facing the greatest challenge of her life. You will learn how to discover the deeper wisdom behind any challenge you face in your own life and parlay it into daily practice.

Meet Teri R. Fisher…

Acclaimed consultant, executive coach, author and speaker Teri Fisher is known for integrating not just theory but real-world business practices into her presentations. She is the CEO and a Managing Partner of Insight Strategies, Inc. Through her trusted counsel, Ms. Fisher is recognized in the areas of Succession Planning, Strategic Initiatives, Leadership & Influence, Talent Management, Performance Management, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Organizational Communication Strategies, Interpersonal Communications, and Team Alignment.

Since forming Insight Strategies, Ms. Fisher has provided professional services to organizations such as: Sun Microsystems, Entergy, CitiFinancial, Microsoft, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United Online, and Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority. In addition, Ms. Fisher served as part of the Adjunct Faculty with Sun Microsystems for their worldwide leadership initiatives.

Ms. Fisher has been published in the Financial Times (, and the Wall Street Journal’s, which are specifically directed toward corporate executives. She has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s nationally acclaimed American Hot Rod program as their on-air Management Consultant and Coach. In 2006, Ms. Fisher published a white paper on the topic of Succession Planning, and in 2008 was a contributing author, along with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, for a book entitled, Blueprint for Success.

What people are saying…

“Teri Fisher’s work with GeoEngineers at our annual shareholders meeting was dynamic and extremely beneficial. Her ability to engage the audience was outstanding, and we greatly appreciated her willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs. This was one of the best sessions we have ever had at our annual meeting. The strength of her message continues to resonate with our team. We will be recommending Teri to others as an excellent partner in improving our business practices.”
Kurt Fraese, L.G., CEO, GeoEngineers

“Teri is excellent at engaging the group, keeping the discussion very interactive, skilled at playing off attendees’ experience in making people think, and giving fresh insight to old ideas. Her energy really transfers well to keeping the group thinking and awake.”
—Attendee, CEO, American Council of Engineering Companies

“Thanks to you for getting our team ready for their next challenges.”
—Scott McNealy, former CEO, Sun Microsystems

Books by Teri R. Fisher…

Teri's book

Blueprint for Success (co-author)