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If you want to jumpstart or boost your speaking career, you’ve come to the right place! At Speaker Services, there are no middlemen, no commissions. Event planners contact YOU directly.

Have you ever seen an expert on TV and thought “That should be me”?
It’s frustrating to sit on the sidelines when you have so much knowledge and life experience to share. So how do you get to be the expert the media calls when news breaks in your field? How to you get booked to speak at conferences and events? And if you’re already out there speaking, how do you get more gigs and more media attention? Most speakers either register with a speakers bureau or sign up for a paid listing service on the web.
What’s best for me—a speakers bureau or a listing service?
Speakers bureaus often prefer high-profile clients with high-end promotional materials, and they take a percentage of each gig they book. If you do qualify for a bureau, it’s worth a try, and we say, “Go for it.” But many new and experienced speakers prefer a listing service, because event planners, talk show producers, and anyone who needs a speaker can contact you directly (no middleman), and you get to call the shots. For example: You don’t have to pay 25-35{1892647b935b21966e7633bf10709befe79457c7b5227f5fbe8c42a5da1fc0ab} to an agent (standard), you can develop promotional materials at your own pace, and you can rest assured that you have a great web presence as you build your speaking career. That’s why we only charge $9.95/month. We believe that maintaining a web presence should be an expense so low that you don’t have to think about it.
We can help jump-start or boost your speaking career.
Speaker Services has been bringing speakers and audiences together since 1994. We started with a print directory mailed to thousands of meeting planners, until our founder, Susan Levin, jumped on a new-fangled thing called the Internet, and we became one of the first 1500 websites to hit cyberspace.
Do I have to be the top expert on the planet to be a speaker?
No. Lots of folks have knowledge and skills, but what counts most in the speaking world is the passion to share your expertise. You’ve probably seen “experts” out there who know less than you do about your topic, but it’s their desire to communicate that makes them public speakers, while you sit on the sidelines. The secret to building your speaking career is to allow your desire to share what you know overcome any fear or self-doubt. The speakers who are “out there” are those whose passion for their subject transcends everything else.
Who lists in the Speakers Directory?
Authors, experts, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, business coaches, therapists, financial planners, health practitioners, attorneys, physicians, humorists, athletes, clergy, actors, educators, corporate trainers, healers, college speakers, journalists, broadcasters, consultants, recovery experts, managers, executives, filmmakers… Anyone with expertise and stories to tell.
What does my speaker listing look like?
Browse the Speakers Directory to see what our listings look like. Our writers are pros—journalists and editors with mainstream backgrounds who craft an exciting listing that spotlights who you are and what you can do for your audience. We give event planners exactly what they want: videos, photos, a compelling profile, your presentations, best-fit audiences, bio (including media credits), testimonials, speaker one-sheet (if you have it), plus your website, blog and social media links. If you have a book, we feature it in your listing and link to it on Amazon. And we include all your contact info so event planners can reach you directly. No middlemen here!

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Do you help build my speaking career?
Yes! Our Premium plan includes two private coaching sessions with our experts in addition to your listing in the Speakers Directory. Whether you’re a new or experienced speaker, these sessions can help you build or boost your speaking career. We also have VAs on our team who can help you with email marketing and management, webinars and landing pages, telesummits and giveaways, and all that “tech stuff” you don’t have time to learn. Plus, we can show you how to find more speaking gigs and position yourself as a media expert.
What does a listing cost?
We have two plans, Basic and Premium. Both are $9.95/month with a one-time set-up fee because our writers and designers do everything for you. Basic is $149 set-up and Premium is $249. Both are $9.95/month, beginning the second month. With Premium, you get two private sessions with our coaches and/or VAs. Billing is automatic through PayPal or your credit card.
How do I get listed in the Directory?
It’s easy. Choose your plan and fill out our online Speaker Intake Form. You can also go to How It Works for more details. Want to chat? Just book a time on this handy calendar. We’re here to answer your questions and support you.

Or, we can start creating your listing now. Here’s the process…

  • Step 1: Choose your Plan.
  • Step 2: Fill out our Speaker Intake Form
  • Step 3: We write your listing and submit it for your approval. We don’t publish it until you think it’s awesome.
  • Step 4: As soon as you approve your listing, we post it online in the Speakers Directory.
  • Step 5: Schedule your private coaching sessions with our team members. You get 2 sessions with the Premium plan.

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