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Because of SpeakerServices.com and your coaching I’ve shared the stage with Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama, Mark Victor Hansen, Harv Eker, and have had some amazing partnerships. Thanks for the boost! Glad to see you are still incubating us speakers. ~ Greg Montana, Speaker
Just want you to know that the 700 Club just did a filming here on my wife and me for their show! If it wasn’t for Speaker Services, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you so much! I highly recommend Speaker Services if you are serious about becoming a speaker. ~ Willie Holloway, Speaker, Minister, Author
I mentioned to you that I signed a contract with a company out of Florida for monthly webinars. I did my first session last week on a live webcast and it went quite well! ~ Gary Heppner, OSHA Speaker, Consultant
I got a free gig from Speaker Services for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and after the presentation last week in Palm Springs, they contracted me to do four 50-minute tele-coaching sessions as a follow-up. I didn’t have to submit a proposal or even negotiate – and I’m getting $2500! Also, they are interested in me for several other training/facilitating opportunities… Woohoo! ~  Nan Vaughn, Author, Speaker
I got another booking for my eating disorders speech – another $10,000 one! I will be speaking to students at several high schools and told them that if they can do that amount, I will speak several times at different venues over a few days time. I think we can really help make an impact and a difference. ~ Barbara Niven, Speaker, Actress
I signed up with Speaker Services, got a speech the next day, and it’s been raining speeches ever since! I highly recommend Speaker Services if you are serious about increasing your business. ~ Ann Convery, Speaker
It works! Your Directory has brought me over a dozen jobs, 50% of which have been paying or led to paying jobs. I never imagined I would be this pleased with my decision to take out an ad in your publication, but I am! ~ Michael Jeffreys, Motivational Speaker
I was a new speaker with only one event under my belt when I decided to list myself in the Directory. Within two weeks, I received my first request to speak at an event, and the calls have continued to come in consistently. Although I am listed as a Speaker for Free, I have been paid for three of the events, including travel expenses, and have been able to sell my book at the back of the room after each presentation, generating thousands of dollars. ~ Carrie Flinton, Speaker
Just got a big lead from Speaker Services, so I am convinced. Sign me up for another year. ~ Jothy Rosenberg
Within two days of publication, I received several calls regarding my services as well as requests to speak. Your Directory is a wonderful marketing tool. ~ Bernadette Williams, Speaker
I want you to know that whatever you are doing to promote your site, it’s working – and I thank you. Last month I had a full fee ($5000) speech to the California Dental Association, and they found me on your site. I am now receiving about one inquiry every two weeks, including a very wonderful possibility to speak in Warsaw, Poland, from people who found me on your site. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! ~ Scott Hunter, Speaker
I never imagined myself a speaker – that was for the Tony Robbins of the world. Now, two years after I joined Speaker Services, I am presenting to groups all over the country, attracting lots of new clients, and being paid. The best part is, I absolutely love speaking! ~ Linda Landon, Speaker, Coach
I attached a list of 36 companies and organizations that have booked me to speak as a result of being listed in your Directory. I had to turn 18 engagements down due to conflicts in dates. ~ Jay Hopper, Humor Speaker
My listing with Speaker Services had been up for less than a month when I got a call from Numark Industries, manufacturer of DJ accessories and audio equipment in Florida, requesting a four-hour workshop. I was mailed a check for my fee before I left for Florida, and the client paid all travel expenses. Thank you, Speaker Services, for a listing that paid for itself after one booking! ~ Linda Clements, Speaker
This year, my speaking opportunities in the area of Body Linguistics and advanced communication have nearly quadrupled. Speaking for free with Speaker Services is leading to paid corporate training opportunities! I have had the opportunity of speaking at Century 21, ACPA (Personal Assistants for Celebrities), XMA (Xerox Management Association), and Sunrise Rotary Club, to mention a few. Thanks for Speaker Services! ~Dr. Whitey Brewer, Personal/Business Coach
I am speaking almost once a week and have bookings as far ahead as August. I have spoken in real estate offices, fashion designs schools and churches. In the next few months, I will speak at a Nurses’ Day Senior Health Fair, and for retired teachers, the Masons, and a school assembly for 400 kids, grades K-8. Yikes! I spoke at a seminar on aging at USC, and that has gotten me four more bookings. Two of the bookings are for retreats sponsored by USC – and they are paying me! ~ Sara Armstrong, Speaker, Author
As a physician practicing orthopedic acupuncture, it is essential to educate patients on the healing process of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Speaker Services has placed me in front of an audience that is searching for my information, which results in many new patients. It is by far the easiest way to get in front of a large number of people and present your skills and services. ~ Shaheed K. Abdullah L.Ac., Speaker
My very first speaking engagement was just 10 minutes from my home. Although the group was small, (15 women), I was able to get a client account that brought me nearly $2,000 in one month. I plan to build on this success story to generate more clients. Thanks so much. Speaking is the best way to get new business! ~ Michelle Howe, Speaker
I was a new speaker with only one event under my belt when I decided to list myself in the Directory. Within two weeks, I received my first request to speak at an event, and the calls have continued to come in consistently. Although I am listed as a Speaker for Free, I have been paid for three of the events, including travel expenses, and have been able to sell my book at the back of the room after each presentation, generating thousands of dollars. ~ Carrie Flinton, Speaker
Walt got another speaker booking for the Boys Team Charity. Thanks for putting up the sports category for him. This charity, and the Long Beach State U planners both said they were looking for sports speakers and they want to buy his book for the boys. Listing with Speaker Services was the best decision. ~ Janet Alston Jackson, Speaker
I highly recommend Speaker Services for any speaker who wants to get paid for doing what they love – speaking! I refer all my coaching clients to Speaker Services because of its tremendous value. I would say 25% of all of my speaking income comes from Speaker Services. ~ Deborah Deras, Speaker
I was booked through the Speaker Services website to present a workshop for a group that included GTE’s regional managers and resulted in a quantity book sale. A terrific online resource indeed! ~ Terry Braverman, Speaker/Trainer
In less than 60 days after being listed as a Free speaker, I was contacted for 3 speaking engagements, and one paid for the cost of Speaker Services. ~ Betty LaMarr, Executive Business Coach
So often, when things are working, we forget to thank the people that help make it possible. In the last week, I’ve booked a radio interview, two teleconferences, and two paid speaking engagements – all as a result of being listed on Speaker Services. Just wanted to say thank you for creating a place where people can find me! ~ Carol Woodliff, Personal Development Specialist
Speaker Services put me on the map as an international speaker. I have spoken to groups of 500 business people in Mexico City, Barcelona and Madrid. ~ Bill Rose, Speaker, Attorney
Becoming a speaker created several additional revenue streams for my business interests. Without Speaker Services, I wouldn’t be a paid international speaker. Thanks, Susan! (sent to our Founder, Susan Levin) ~ ~ Bernadette Williams, Speaker, Author
You have created a system that is PRICELESS. The Speaker Services Directory is the best marketing tool that I have invested in. I literally had to stop using the service because I got so many calls and speaking engagements, and I am still getting referrals to speak, thanks to you. ~ Sabrina Gibson, Speaker, Author
Speaker Services has been a pleasure to be involved with, from the training and informational opportunities to the calls from my profile. I have to say that of all the sources I have placed my listing on, Speakers Services, in my opinion, is the best place to be hanging out! I receive 3-5 calls a month with speaking requests just from this service. I have never seen that anywhere else. You are the best and have really developed a tool for speakers that is well worth the investment! ~ Robin Hardy, Motivational Expert
Being new to the speaker circuit last year, I listed myself with Speaker Services.com. Within 3 days of listing on the site, I had landed two speaking engagements! Through the course of my tenure on the site, I have spoken to civic groups, professional and church organizations, and corporate regional offices, to name a few. ~ Millie Szerman, Author
I would like to thank you for encouraging me to become a member of Speaker Services. I am now a professional speaker and have generated almost $20,000 in business from speaking. I have found a new passion and look forward to many more years of sharing my knowledge with others through Speaker Services. ~ Wendy Barlin, Speaker, Author
Just a short note to thank you for helping me transition painlessly from an author into a public speaker. My goal was to keep the stakes as low as I could for myself — so I signed up for the Speakers for Free section of Speakers Services. I figured that the worse case scenario would be that a company would get exactly what they paid for my presentation – nothing. But much to my surprise and relief, the companies began to get a lot more than zero. In fact, one major corporation liked my free presentation so much that they invited me back for six more presentations – and this time they insisted on paying me thousands of dollars! Bless you for the creative and important service that you provide. ~ Al Secunda, Speaker, Author
I received at least 10 calls after my first listing in the Directory. I’m speaking at colleges, women’s clubs, service groups, group homes and more, and I’m getting the experience I want and providing a service to the community. I look forward to watching my speaking career grow with your organization. ~ Nancy Irwin, Speaker
Even though I just joined Speakers Services, I have already been contacted by four prestigious companies, and my first engagement will be with the LA Police Academy. Not  a bad beginning! ~ Susanne Shapiro, Graphologist
I highly recommend the Directory to any speakers who are interested in enhancing their careers and increasing profits. ~ Marguerite Ham, Speaker
I wanted to let you know about my speaking progress and thank you for creating such a simple and essential ‘marriage’ between speakers and venues. Just last week I spoke at Pendleton Marine Base as the keynote speaker at a team building day. Because of the classes I have taken through you, and the private sessions, I was able to spread my wings and really fly! In the middle of my one-hour talk, while participants were busy on an interactive exercise at their tables, the wonderful man who invited me came up to say, “Hey, we think you’re great! When our next round of funding comes in, we’d like you to come down and work with us on some team building.” So now, the marines want me! Thank you for launching me on what I hope will be a thriving speaking career. You rock! ~ Dina Silver, Speaker
After joining Speaker Services, I was immediately contacted by numerous groups, ranging from service clubs to professional networking groups, to corporate businesses. As the author of How to be Incredibly Good with Names, it’s fantastic to have an outlet to showcase my fun, interactive seminar. It feels so good to help people remember! ~ Jeff Korn, Speaker, Author
Speaker Services has been an important part of my business development effort to promote my primary business as a consultant. An unexpected bi-product of my speaking has been my discovery that I absolutely love being in front of the room, and intend to continue to develop myself to get paid for my information! ~ Dana Erhlich, Speaker
Speaker Services has launched my career! I’m now being contacted from all over the country, and I’m booking at least one speaking event a month from the website. Thanks for providing such a wonderful service! ~ Dawn Kohler, Speaker
Speaker Services is an important part of my broad-based marketing plan. I receive, on average, four to six speaking requests per month. The contacts that result represent a significant portion of new business opportunities. ~ Dr. Jackie Black, Speaker
Being posted on the Speaker Services website quickly led to speaking engagements, resulting in numerous purchases of my ‘how-to’ book. ~ Ira Heffler, Speaker, Author
[I am quite skeptical, as a rule, about listing with Internet services, but I can honestly say that Speaker Services has not only paid for itself but has provided a steady stream of inquiries since I listed with them. ~ Juliet Funt, Speaker
Less than a year after I joined Speaker Services, my client list includes Pacific Bell, Century 21, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and The Rotary Club, and I already have four bookings for next year! Speaker Services is much more than a listing service; it’s a support system that offers classes, services and professional advice from those who have already made it in this industry. ~ Linda Clements, Speaker
I receive about two calls and/or e-mails a month to speak to quality corporations and organizations. So far, I have had the opportunity to speak to companies such as Xerox, Beckman-Coulter, and State Farm Insurance. Other organizations I’ve spoken to include Women in Financial Management, International Association of Administrative Professionals, and the Jaycees. My business has definitely been enhanced by my affiliation with Speaker Services.com. Thank you for making such a service so successful! ~ Laura Rubinstein, Speaker
After a few short and exciting months in the speaking business, I’m on my way to a sparkling international career! On September 27th, I’ll be delivering the keynote speech at the First Annual Conference on Domestic Violence hosted by the Family Advocacy Program of the United States Army at its base in Stuttgart, Germany. Thanks to the invaluable coaching and mentorship of Speaker Services, I’m taking my own “Next Bold Step” and stepping into my own as an international speaker. Thank you and bless you, Speaker Services! ~ Kathryn Tull, Speaker, Author
After advertising for three months, I’ve booked 75 speaking engagements and counting! ~ Chef Rex Havick, Humorist & Author
I’ve been listed with you for about 6 months, and so far have worked with Adventist’s Health in Glendale and Health Tech 2000 in Las Vegas. Those jobs have given me leads to new jobs, and I’m now looking forward to speaking to Physicians, Pharmacists and Purchasing Managers in San Diego in March. I really think your service is terrific, and your team of resource people is truly excellent. ~ Martha Lambert, Speaker
Just a note to tell you how much I value my participation in your website. I receive at least one invitation per month to speak to various organizations. While my schedule doesn’t allow me to accept all of them, the invitations I do accept always turn out to be such pleasures! My topic, “The Awesome Power of Self-Promotion,” always hits home. There is nothing like having someone come up after a presentation and say that something I said has changed their lives and that they will never the same again. I can live on that (and a little bread and water) for months. ~ Keith Ivey, Speaker
The Directory has been a valuable asset to me, personally and professionally. I have received many requests to speak. My first request was for a paid speaking engagement of $500, even though I was listed in the “Free” section. This one call has generated two training contracts for my company. I highly recommend your program to anyone who is interested in growing as a professional speaker, consultant or trainer. ~ Cezanna Malter, Speaker