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Availability: Los Angeles (Westside, Downtown, South Bay)

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Topics: Clutter Control/Organizing/Hoarding, ADD & ADHD, Time Management, Work/Life Balance, Organizing for Special Needs Families

Areas: Los Angeles (Westside, Downtown, South Bay)

Title: Professional Organizer, Hoarding Specialist


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Professional organizer who’s seen it all and knows what works shows how to live clutter-free at last, so you can stop searching for your stuff and focus on your real goals and dreams.

Is life among the rubble making it hard to work and play? Are you constantly searching for your stuff, vowing that “someday” you’ll get organized? “Cluttered minds and cluttered closets are buddies that thwart productivity and make it difficult to move forward with ease,” says professional organizer Regina Lark, who’s been a featured expert on the popular TV show “Hoarders” and won the prestigious National Association of Professional Organizers’ “Most Innovative Organizer” award.

Dr. Regina Lark’s humorous and compassionate presentations light the path to clutter-free living so you can experience the joy of gettingorganized and going for your dreams. Her talks are laced with entertaining stories and immediate solutions that you can implement right now.

Your group will learn how to:

  • Move from chaos to order and clarity
  • Clear out the “psychic debris” from their heads just as they clear the clutter from under their beds
  • Come to understand the “why” of cluttering so they can avoid repeating it
  • Restore sanity and boost productivity
  • Apply doable downsizing techniques
  • Maintain clutter control for life

Whether your problem is a messy house, desk, or car, or you’ve just “let things slide” until clutter has become a serious—or life-threatening—problem, Regina Lark’s energetic talk will arm you with both the mindset and tools to clear clutter from your life for good. You’ll leave her powerful, good-humored presentations laughing, entertained and empowered to deal with the chaos and get organized once and for all!

Best-fit Audiences

  • Women leaders, professionals, experts & entrepreneurs
  • Mental health professionals
  • University professional schools
  • Executive managers, entrepreneurs, small offices
  • Corporations, business groups, non-profits
  • Families with Special Needs children


Customized for your group and presented as a keynote, breakout, workshop, or seminar (½ day, full-day), retreat, training or webinar. Regina Lark is also available as a panel guest (expert or moderator).

Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: The Relationship between the Stuff in Your Head and What’s Under Your Bed
Cluttered minds and cluttered closets are buddies that thwart productivity and make it difficult to move forward with ease and clarity. Identify the head trash that leads to clutter and get rid of both inner and outer clutter for good!

De-clutter 101: Getting Started
Is life among the rubble making it hard to work and play? Are you barely able to move around your space? Start de-cluttering today and get organized with these breakthrough strategies!

Help for Hoarding: It Takes a Village
The team-work approach to helping the most cluttered among us. Based on the work of Michael and Tamara Hartl Tomkins, this talk is of particular interest for mental health professionals, providing them with the tools to create a “harm reduction” team to help clients de-clutter their physical environment.

A Clear Path: My Journey into Junk
Alcoholic, inmate, medical assistant, professor, director, organizer, hoarding expert, and author, Regina Lark teaches that the key to reinventing one’s life is to develop a “conceive, believe, and achieve” attitude toward every aspect of the life you want to reinvent.

A Clear Path for a Happy Family
Toys, crafts, trucks, and bikes can promote family harmony or become the bane of family existence, depending on how the volume of stuff is organized, stored, and used. Effective strategies for families who would rather play than argue about trying to get organized.

Organizing for the Exceptional Child
Families with special needs children have learned that order, consistency, and routine are important components of a functional household and do wonders to ease stress.

Meet Regina Lark…

Regina Lark, PhD, is founder and president of A Clear Path: Professional Organizing for Home, Work, Life. As a Certified Professional Organizer, she specializes in working with people with chronic disorganization, ADHD and hoarding disorders, as well as the folks with way too much stuff! She chairs the Education Committee for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and serves as President for NAPO-Los Angeles as well as the Los Angeles Hoarding Task Force. She’s the author of Psychic Debris and Crowded Closets: The Relationship Between the Stuff in Your Head and What’s Under Your Bed (now in its second edition), and she was the winner ofthe “2013 Most Innovative Organizer” award from theNational Association of Professional Organizers.

Regina has a strong interest in history and politics and ran for the office of Lt. Governor of California in 1998. She completed her Ph.D. in history from the University of Southern California and currently teaches U.S. History at Los Angeles Pierce College.

Partial Client List

  • UCLA Professional Development Program
  • UCLA Emeriti and Retiree Association
  • Marketing and Administrative Professionals for Seniors
  • National Association of Professional Organizers
  • Santa Monica College Emeritus
  • Theresa Maguire, Be in Your Genius Parenting Tele-summit
  • Cancer Support Community – Benjamin Center
  • California State University Emeritus and Retiree Faculty Association
  • Los Angeles Women’s Expo
  • Financial Planning Association of Los Angeles, New Professionals Group

What people are saying…

“Regina gave a fantastic de-cluttering and organizing presentation to a group of seniors taking a class on stress reduction. She was informative, creative, and fun. Many people are still talking about what a great time they had and how much they appreciated her suggestions!”
—Gloria Albert, wellness consultant, faculty member at Santa Monica College Emeritus

“Regina created an excellent series of training workshops for our In-Home Supportive Services staff. We are all most grateful for her warmth and expertise.”
—Oleeta Igar, Coordinator, Consumer Resources and Community Partnerships, Personal Assistance Services Council of Los Angeles County

Books by Regina Lark

Product Details

Psychic Debris and Crowded Closets: The Relationship Between the Stuff in Your Head and What’s Under Your Bed

This book is about how a cluttered closet is often a manifestation of a cluttered mind. It’s about understanding the relationship between the stuff in our head, and what’s under our bed. And finally, it’s about how changing your thinking about how you feel about yourself can open the space in your head so that you can,  once and for all, deal with the stuff that’s been under your bed for a long, long time.

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