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Topics: Conflict Resolution, Education, Empowerment, Inspirational, Wellness

Travels from:  California

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Motivational speaker gives your audience A Burst of Positive Energy by showing how to “Think it, Feel it, Say it, Do it – and feel better now!”

Do you want your audience to feel a burst of positive energy right now?

Niruby James brings over 29 years’ experience in critical and crisis intervention to her innovative talks that motivate audiences to “Think it, Feel it, Say it, Do it – and feel better now!” Niruby walks her talk. A quarter of a century ago, she enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle – until a work injury caused her to lose everything except her daughter and her faith. But the three key elements of her personal credo came to her rescue – “faith, positive thinking, and pressing forward” – and she developed this formula into “A Burst of Positive Energy™ and dramatically changed her life. Her talks can change yours as well.

“You can create an epidemic of pure, positive energy that brings optimum results to your life and to everyone around you,” says Niruby, who draws on her rich background in social services and business to create a highly-successful program that turns lives around. Her energetic talks to corporations and organizations present skills that change their culture both privately and publicly as she shows how to move from negative to positive thinking, reduce stressors, enhance self-awareness and motivate productivity.

“I had a vision at age five that I’m on a mission to make a positive difference in our society,” says Niruby, whose life-changing presentations give audiences soft skills that balance body, mind and spirit and that last a lifetime. But the most striking thing about Niruby James is her positive presence. You’ll leave her inspiring talks with newfound clarity and enhanced self-awareness, feeling empowered to make a positive difference in your own life and the lives of those around you.


Presented as keynotes, breakouts, workshops or seminars (½ day, full-day), and trainings. Niruby James is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

A Burst of Positive Energy
Best-fit audiences: Business Groups, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Colleges, Universities, Government Groups and Organizations.

Discover how to embrace the present and experience stimulating the mind, rejuvenating the body, and relaxing to a new level of self-awareness where you feel empowered. Audiences learn how to take positive action during this presentation and understand that they have the power to continue making a positive difference while enjoying wholesome fun and creating positive memories!

Turn Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking
Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Colleges, Universities, Government Groups and Organizations

We have free will to choose, and everyone has to make choices everyday. Learn the four steps that change negative thinking into positive thinking. You’ll be able to recognize negative thinking, turn it into positive thinking, and understand the cause and effect of choices you make that impact your life.

Customer Service with a Positive Attitude
Business Groups, Entrepreneurs, Corporations

A positive attitude is everything and determines how people treat you. Know your purpose, pay attention to how you relate to others, and your attitude will have a positive impact on customers.

The Power of Fear
Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Colleges, Universities, Government Groups and Organizations

Understand how the power of fear can PREVENT you from making something happen. Turn fear into courage and move forward fearlessly, as you achieve the results you want in the course of your daily personal and professional routine.

Words Have Power
Business, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Colleges, Universities, Government Groups and Organizations

Understand how the power of words can alter your life. What we speak, we speak into existence. Learn to listen and recognize what is being spoken from your mouth and others. Master the art of conditioning your mind to speak healthy words. Listen carefully to others, too, and recognize what is healthy and unhealthy.

“I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am the youngest of 8 children and my siblings wanted to baby me and tell me what to do, so I had to learn how to hold my own from a very tender age! When I was 5 years old, I was given an amazing vision for my life – and it directs it to this very day: I knew that I had to start with myself first, and then help others. Over the years, that vision has become my mission. 
“As I experienced challenges as a young adult during tough times, I understood what my father used to say: “It’s not what you are going through, it’s how you deal with those trials that will determine your outcomes.” I moved forward as best I could, however my main focus was not on my own personal needs, but on the needs of others. I kept pressing forward with my faith and positive thinking, knowing that God was with me at every moment. 

“I began presenting to small groups in the community. These groups included co-workers, children, teenagers, the elderly, and businesses. Today, I also present for corporations. To this day, I’m still being challenged – but to meet me, greet me, speak with me, or listen to me, you’d never know the challenges that I have experienced in my life. But oh, honey… if you only knew!”

What people are saying…

“Niruby’s talk, ‘A Burst of Positive Energy,’ gave me a new perspective on life and encouraged me not to take the small things in life for granted.”
– B.N., Professor, University of Fullerton

“We had the best speaker ever at our club! If you could see the picture, it would tell the story. We were jumping and swaying all over the place. We had a great time receiving ‘A Burst of Positive Energy.’”
– W.M., Kiwanis Chairman, City of Industry (Los Angeles)