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Phone: 229-257-0665
E-Mail: michael@spremulli.com
Website: www.Spremulli.com
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Availability: Georgia, Florida; National

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Topics: Business, Communication, Leadership, Sales, Succession Planning

Areas: Georgia, Florida; National

Titles: Corporate Personality Profiler, Corporate Entertainer


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Corporate Personality Profiler delivers profitable personality insights and reveals how to read people’s thoughts and influence their behavior.

Would you like to read the minds of your job applicants with amazing accuracy so you can hire the best and most qualified? Corporate personality profiler and entertainer Michael Spremulli is a recognized authority on human behavior. Using his special techniques for reading thoughts and influencing behavior with pinpoint accuracy, he’s been training corporate executives to dramatically increase the success rate of their hiring practices for over 15 years. “I literally know what’s on your mind,” says Spremulli, “because I understand how people behave, perform, and function—often better than they know themselves.” In his fun, enlightening presentation he’ll make you an expert on predicting how people will behave and how to persuade them in an ethical manner so you can profit financially and interpersonally.

Commanding, animated, and often irreverent, Spremulli delivers presentations that are information-rich, fluff-free, relevant, and practical. He brings excitement to any conference, convention, or association meeting by reading the minds of attendees in a fast-paced, interactive manner. The goal of each presentation is to create a positive, lasting memory of the event while making the meeting planner look like a hero!

Over the course of his career, Michael Spremulli has profiled over 50,000 job applicants for companies nationwide and internationally. “My clients won’t hire ANYONE without my input,” says Michael.

Corporate attendees will learn how to…

  • Persuade and sell without behaving like a slick, used-car salesperson.
  • Sell exclusively by phone without need for personal contact.

Event planners will…

  • Find unique entertainment that won’t bore attendees.
  • Discover an entertainer who’s easy to work with, flexible and adaptable.
  • Integrate the entertainment with the overall theme of the event.

Spremulli’s insights and strategies will show you how to:

  • Spot a top job performer.
  • Recognize the one critical factor a candidate must possess for job success. (If they don’t have this, they’re doomed to fail!)
  • Avoid the biggest mistake that gets in the way of hiring top talent.
  • Craft a laser-focused job ad that attracts the right talent.
  • Avoid being seduced by the “nice person” syndrome when evaluating applicants.
  • Phrase questions about employer references so you get meaningful information.
  • Quickly determine the buying style of a potential customer over the phone.
  • Unlock the hidden information in a prospect’s outbound voice mail greeting.
  • Open a conversation and neutralize any perceived pressure the prospect may be feeling.
  • Use motivators like auto fuel. (The wrong kind sets you up for disaster.)
  • Easily determine your staff’s specific motivators. (Hint: It’s not always money.)
  • Keep people motivated and engaged over the long haul.

You’ll leave Michael’s presentation with techniques and strategies for sizing people up along with a step-by-step blueprint to help you attract, select, and retain top-performing employees. Besides drastically reducing employee turnover, implementing Michael’s proven strategies will save you time, frustration, and money now!

Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, business groups, nonprofits
  • Executive managers, sales reps, team leaders, HR professionals
  • Business and civic groups
  • Hospitality organizations
  • Entertainment venues
  • Restaurants/restaurant associations
  • Realtors, real estate associations, property owners
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices


Presented as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and Webinars. Michael Spremulli is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

7 Deadly Hiring Sins and How to Avoid Them
(Suited for business owners, department heads, and anyone who hires personnel.)

What simple, effective strategies can attract, select, and retain top-performing employees? And how do you best match the applicant to the job? Michael Spremulli has assessed the motivations of over 50,000 applicants throughout his career. During this presentation he’ll reveal a nuts-and-bolts hiring approach that allows you to avoid the “7 Deadly Hiring Sins.” Audiences leave with practical techniques for selecting the right candidate every time and creating a culture of engagement in their workplace.

Selling Sight Unseen
(Suited for sales professionals—both product- and service-oriented.)

More than ever, sales are made by phone, and in this virtual world, a new set of selling skills is required. How can you build credibility, rapport, and trust while breaking the phone barrier? Personality profiler Michael Spremulli provides sales professionals with techniques that enable them to quickly tap into the hidden buying styles of their prospects. He’ll teach you exactly what to say and how to say it. Audiences will leave with access to this powerful insider information, instantly propelling them well ahead of the competition. The end result: a significant increase in sales!

Mind Reading Event Entertainment
For conference, convention, and meeting audiences

Bring excitement to your event! Engage Michael Spremulli to read the minds of your attendees. Michael turns skeptics into avid believers with a mesmerizing performance that reflects the theme of your conference. Customized to your needs, participants get involved in an amazing experience they will never forget. Says one meeting planner, “Two months after Michael’s performance, our people are STILL talking about it.”

Meet Michael Spremulli…

Michael Spremulli is a corporate personality profiler by day and an intuitive entertainer by night. For over 15 years he’s been sought after for his expertise in helping businesses select the best applicant for any given position. Called a “mind-reader” by his clients, Spremulli tunes in to the minute details of an individual’s personal qualities. The pinpoint accuracy of his findings is remarkable—and often inexplicable.

As president of The Chrysalis Corporation, Michael has attained expert status in the area of pre-employment assessments and employee selection by packaging his sharply honed skills and keen sense of intuition into keynote presentations and riveting entertainment. Capable of reading your thoughts and influencing your behavior to push the limits of reality, he literally knows what’s on your mind!

A featured keynote speaker at conventions and corporate events, Michael Spremulli has worked with countless businesses and entertained thousands of attendees.

What people are saying…

“Michael, your keynote session and performance at our awards dinner was the perfect combination. You educated and entertained a room full of insurance agents—that’s impressive!”
—Charles Judah, CEO Medicare Supplement Insurance Services

“You must have been reading my mind! Your performance at our annual conference was the perfect finish to a great event. You got everyone’s attention and after a long day, that was no small feat.”
—Ira S. Wolfe, Founder, Success Performance Solutions

“Michael, what an outstanding presentation you gave at our 2015 symposium! You are absolutely the BEST at what you do.”
—Dr. Tina K. Anderson, President, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

“I don’t know how you do what you do—it’s absolutely amazing. I’m writing you two months after your performance and our people are STILL talking.”
—Howard S. Baron, Lincoln Financial Advisors.