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Topics: Inspirational, Leadership, Business, Business Building, Marketing, Motivational, Change Management, Change, Communication, Personal Development, Professional Development, Success, Entrepreneurship, Time Management, Team Building, Goal Setting, Psychology of Winning, Energy Management, High-Performance Teams

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Titles: Senior Management Trainer, Top Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker

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Top Executive Coach and Senior Management Trainer Mark McGregor helps leaders become more effective by discovering their true life mission.

Are you a leader who’s living your mission? “Leadership is a choice, not a ‘formal position,’” says Mark McGregor, whose personal mission is to re-energize and inspire others to find and live their own true mission. A popular keynote speaker at conferences, kick-offs, and customer events around the globe, he draws on his background in both sports and business to help his audience strengthen their strengths and become world class at what they do. 

Drawing on his background in professional sports, Mark shares exciting real-life stories to make his presentations come alive. “My passion is leadership development, and my mission is to help people see their potential so clearly that it makes a difference in their lives,” says Mark. “When you define your values and create a vision and personal mission, this process leads to effective leadership on a professional level.” 

Mark’s humorous, interactive presentations give your audience proven strategies that maximize performance, both personally and professionally. You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage “The 10 Principles of Leadership and Life”
  • Stay resilient in the face of adversity
  • Prioritize what really matters
  • Clarify your goals and vision
  • Increase your focus and effectiveness
  • Make better decisions based on your core values
  • Manage your energy
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Lead a high-performance team
          … and much, much more

Mark’s entertaining style makes his keynote speeches a unique experience. As the author of Being on Mission, he’s passionate about helping his audience connect with their personal mission and achieve sustainable results.  

Mark also offers “Going for Gold,” a presentation with his daughter Kaitlyn, a professional speed skater who shares her personal experiences in the world of sports, giving insights into motivation, mental strength, mental preparation, going from lows to highs and the power of team spirit.

The audience leaves Mark’s entertaining presentations with a deep sense of their personal missions, ready to prioritize the things that really matter and to lead a more meaningful, effective and purposeful life.

Fast Facts

  • Mark served as Assistant Coach/Team Manager of Team Canada’s Spengler Cup Team for six tournaments.
  • He’s been CEO of Leadership Centre GMBH for over 15 years 
  • Mark is the author of Being on Mission: A Business Fable, a widely popular self-development book

What people are saying…
“From all the leadership courses I experienced (and there are quite a few), I must say that yours are really the ones which are most valuable and sustainable. Seeing how my whole team is developing, using your clear messages, guidance and tools is just amazing.”
– Dr. Axel Steiger-Bagel, Bayer AG, CEO Bayer SA /NV Benelux

  • Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows
  • Corporations, Non-Profits
  • CEOs, Executive Managers, HR Professionals
  • Team Leaders, Sales Leaders, and Sales Reps 
  • Business & Civic Groups
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
  • Teams

Leadership Is a Choice… Not a Title

This presentation starts by defining the difference between management and leadership. It builds on the thought that most companies are over-managed and under- led. The ability to do 1-1 coaching will also be developed during this presentation. In addition, we focus on developing the power of vision and helping the audience find their own goals and vision. We also explore the importance of clarifying personal and professional values, as these play a key role in every decision you make. The final message helps people understand what it really means to lead and develop their teams and create a high-performance team.

Resiliency in the Face of Adversity: Keys to Energy Management

This presentation focuses on energy management, an incredibly valuable skill to know as you deal with increasing demands in your life. You’ll learn methods to develop more mental strength and be prepared to meet any crisis or life challenge, and you’ll explore powerful techniques that athletes and corporate leaders use to overcome adversity. The audience is invited to take the “100-day Challenge.” By doing this challenge, you will achieve more personal growth in 100 days than you could in 15 years.

Creating a High-Performance Team

I have worked with championship-winning athletic teams, and Fortune 500 companies. This presentation is all about understanding the traits, behaviors, and habits of these successful teams. We will focus on tools and methods that leaders can use to increase trust, vulnerability, involvement and commitment, which leads to a high-performance culture. Tools will also be taught to help develop team vision, values and mission, so that team members can hold each other accountable. The audience will reflect upon how their team lives up to the 10 habits of high-performance teams.

Going for Gold

Mark teams up with his daughter Kaitlyn, a professional speed skater who shares her personal experiences and offers her take on motivation, mental strength, mental preparation, going from lows to highs and team spirit. Kaitlyn will share her personal story of being one of the top two junior skaters in the world and then missing out on the Olympics. This will offer insights into how you can restart and reset in life. 

Meet Mark McGregor…

As a Canadian now living in Switzerland, I have my roots in the world of ice hockey. I worked many years as a player, coach and manager for top teams in Germany and Switzerland. I also had the opportunity to work with Team Canada at six Spengler Cup tournaments.

Since 1999 I have worked full-time as an in-house trainer, coach and keynote-speaker. My education, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education, at the University of Manitoba, provided an ideal foundation for my work today. I extended this with further education as a trainer and speaker in Australia and Canada.

Early on, I identified the link between high performance in sports and business and realized that there are many parallels between these two worlds. Drawing on my past experiences in professional sport and now with senior business leaders, I share many personal examples and exciting real-life stories to make my sessions come alive.

My passion is leadership development. My mission is to help people see their potential so clearly that it makes a difference in their lives. My work includes coaching, team vision, motivation, high-performance, communication, psychology of winning and health and wellbeing. I believe that the development of leaders and leadership is the competitive advantage. The core of my philosophy is that leadership development is an inside-out process. It begins by defining clear values and creating a vision and mission on a personal level and that leads to effective leadership on a professional level.

What people are saying…

Mark’s high energy and talent in transforming a group of strangers into the best team I have ever worked with in just five days astounds me to this day. When asked about my experience by co-workers, peers and family, I can only describe it as life-changing. It sounds grand and mystical, but it truly was the best gift I could have ever given myself. The feelings of clarity, motivation and drive I felt at camp have stayed with me. The camp resulted in real tangible goals and changes that I now practice daily. It is difficult to describe how the change occurred or why – you just need to go to the camp to find out for yourself. 5-stars all around.”
– Tara Trethewey, Executive Director, B.H.K., MOT, Vancouver BC

By working on a ‘whole person model’ it helped me to define my core values & strengths, which allowed me to create my vision and personal mission – not only for me as a person but also for my business career. Mark is an unbelievably strong source of motivation and inspiration and helps you to find your very own way in life. Having introduced Mark’s leadership training into the company I lead, I experienced a tremendous positive effect in both leadership capabilities as well as motivation on all managers.”
– Martin Zech, Attocube, Head of R&D, Munich, Germany

Being on Mission

Ebook cover imageBased on Mark McGregor’s ’10 Principles of Leadership and Life,’ Being on Mission tells the story of Michael Weber, the typical, overworked manager, struck down in both his personal and professional life until he arrives at an all-time low. His ensuing transformation begins with the help of two mentors and a powerful leadership training workshop. Michael becomes aware of his situation, takes responsibility for his circumstances and his actions, and acquires the courage to change. Along his journey, he develops into a more effective leader and establishes clarity and purpose by defining his values, his vision and his mission. Thereby, Michael ultimately alters the way he approaches his work, prioritizes the things that really matter, and begins to lead a more meaningful and purposeful life. This is a story of inside-out transformation and leadership development, and with the lessons learned by Michael Weber along his journey, you, too, can transform yourself professionally and personally.