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Topics: Adoption/Foster, College Speaking, Motivational, Parenting and Children, Travel/Adventure


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Author-Adventurer-Mom who took her family on a life-changing trip around the world shows how to scrap excuses for lives and careers that don’t excite us and live a life of everyday adventure with “jaw-dropping outcomes.”.

Are you living a courageous, adventurous life? “Guess where Courage took our family,” says Jody Temple White. “On a nine-month low-budget, high- adventure, backpacking trip around the world!” A living example of what she champions, Jody will regale your group with the story of how she and her husband John, 17-year old son Riley, and 11-year old daughter, Allison became curious, compassionate travelers and made a lifelong dream come true. Could you do the same thing? Jody’s life-changing presentation uses stories, humor and “utter practicality” to loosen our hold on excuses that make us willing to settle for lives and careers that don’t excite us, solutions that don’t inspire us, and dreams that don’t drive us. Audiences learn how to ride their own “courage vibe” up the Courage-Confidence spiral, ushering them into experiences and opportunities they never dreamed existed.

If you long for a life of “everyday adventure with jaw-dropping outcomes,” this talk is for you. “Life takes courage,” says Jody, an adoptive mother parenting a special needs child, who shows how to scrap your excuses and commit to bravery, so you can live a life better than you believed possible. You’ll learn how just a little courage builds confidence, which builds more courage and more confidence, creating an upward momentum that opens new opportunities. Everyone leaves Jody’s inspiring talk eager to rediscover their sense of adventure and ready to connect with Courage and move past excuses into everyday bravery. (You may even feel motivated to do volunteer or service work that makes a difference in the world!)

Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, business groups, non-profits
  • Family/Adoption Groups/Special Needs support groups
  • Executive managers, sales reps
  • Entrepreneurs, small offices
  • Churches, community organizations
  • Colleges, youth groups
  • Business and civic groups
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
  • Therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches
  • Women’s groups


Offered as Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops or Seminars (½ day, full-day), and Webinars. Retreats and Trainings. Jody Temple White is also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator and Media Interviews.

Living The Courage Vibe

Best-fit audiences: Family, Special Needs Children, Adoption, College, Civic Groups, Business Groups, Entrepreneurs, Travelers/Adventurers

Ever dream of taking your family on an extended trip and getting away from the daily grind of work and life to experience different cultures, meet new people and visit exotic locations? Sounds great – but are the unknowns holding you back? How will you pay for it? How will the kids do school? What will you do with all your stuff back home?

Even if an extended trip isn’t your dream, this presentation is a must for anyone who wants to connect with their “courage vibe” and work on their bucket list. You’ll hear how tapping her inner Courage took Jody Temple White and her family on a nine-month low-budget, high adventure trip around the world. “We rented our house, gave, sold or stored our stuff, figured out how to do school for the kids, packed our backpacks, and headed out on a loosely planned journey to all the continents. It was one of the best decisions of our lives,” she says. You’ll find out how Jody’s family did it and why committing to your own dream could be the best decision of your life. (You may even be inspired to do volunteer or service work that makes a difference in the world!)

Life Takes Courage: How to Scrap the Excuses and Be Braver Every Day

Best-fit audiences: Family, Special Needs Children, Adoption, College,
Youth Groups, Civic Groups, Business Groups, Entrepreneurs, Travel/Adventure

Are you courageous? Most people’s first response is no, but really, we all take brave steps every day. Courage is in you already, a steady hand to guide you past your timidity and onto a spiral of confidence and courage that lifts you to a life you can’t know exists until you are there. Learn how to fly past your excuses, weaken your negative self-talk, and enjoy the jaw-dropping outcomes! (You may even be inspired to do volunteer or service work that makes a difference in the world!)

Commit to Courage: 5 Ways to Scrap Your Excuses and Ride Your Courage Vibe

Best-fit audiences: Business owners, adoptive parents, parents of a special needs child, global traveler, college students

You’re a business owner, adoptive parent, parent of a special needs child, global traveler, college grad, or at a transitional point in your life. One thing for certain is that you’re brave. You’re already riding the upward spiral of Confidence and Courage that leads to experiences and opportunities missed by the more timid among us.

Would you like to refine your bravery and understanding of Courage to increase the momentum you’ve started? How would you like to further develop your own courage vibe in a way that’s unique to you? In this interactive presentation, you’ll get a chance to share your story and hear stories from like-minded others whose passion is Courage. Come hear the experiences of those like yourself who are braving life with a sense of adventure. Let’s do it!

Jody Temple White is an author, speaker and business owner who sparks Courage and equips people to build everyday bravery into their lives and work so they can experience the rewards only Courage brings. A living example of what she champions, Jody and her family recently took a low-budget, high-adventure trip around the world dotted with stints as volunteers at animal sanctuaries, orphanages, community gardens, and clinics, placing them continually in the presence of other courageous people with amazing stories and vision. Their trip caught the attention of Giggling Gorilla Productions, who have turned their journey into a documentary, “Living the Courage Vibe,” named for Jody’s book and blog, The Courage Vibe.

At age four, Jody’s school bus dropped her off early at the bus stop several miles from home – but before her mom arrived to pick her up, she decided to hitchhike home herself! That signaled a pattern of courage and trust that has led her through a string of experiences and endeavors that make her entertaining, relatable, and helpful to any audience. Her career as a financial planner, adoption specialist and author, women’s financial educator, business owner, and E-Myth coach has been enriched by her life experiences that include a blended family, adoptive mother, mother to a special needs child, and college graduate at age 35.

What people are saying…

“Throughout Jody’s presentation, not only did I find myself saying, “My family could do that,” but it spurred me on in the challenges in my business that need an extra dose of courage. Jody is a warm, engaging and approachable speaker – definitely one of our bright leadership stars!!!”
– Brad McDonald, AIA LEED AP, Reveal Studio, Inc.