Jim Michael, MA. LMFT

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Contact: (424) 235-0614
E-Mail: Jim@jimmichael.com
Website: jimmichael.com
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Availability: S. California

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Titles: Inspirational Speaker, Therapist, Personal Empowerment Coach

Topics: Addiction/Recovery, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Domestic Violence, Healthy Lifestyle, Men’s Issues, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress Management, Women’s Issues

Travels from:  S. California

Fee: Please inquire
Free: Some free local talks available 

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Empowerment coach provides practical and spiritual tools and techniques to create a more purposeful, meaningful life and greater peace of mind. 

Are you seeking a way to turn pain into power, fear into fulfillment? Do you question your personal value to the rest of the world ? and to yourself? You don’t have to stay stuck in pain and conflict, or feel like an outcast any longer. Inspirational speaker, therapist, and personal empowerment coach Jim Michael uses modern language to build on the foundations of the New Thought movement, spiritual psychology, and quantum mechanics to help you find and fulfill your life’s purpose. “I coach people on how to be leaders in their own lives by identifying their internal strengths and trusting in them,” Jim explains.

A stress and anger management coach who’s trained and certified in domestic violence prevention, Jim has conducted group trainings on these subjects for five years. In his lively, interactive presentations, he uses the tools of his trade to help you identify the causes and context of your pain. By harnessing it and identifying the triggers that ignite it, he helps you create safer, healthier avenues through which to work through your distress. Ultimately, by de-escalating your anger, you essentially resolve the issue before it turns into conflict and connect with your true value and self-worth.

Aided by Jim’s unique tools and techniques, his audience comes away with a new sense of empowerment to rebuild and recreate their lives to be richer, less stressful, and infinitely more rewarding.

Corporations, Small businesses, Gay community, College groups, Rehab centers (re: sex awareness issues), Recovery support groups (re: sex awareness issues)

Keynote Presentations

Offered in the following formats: Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops, Retreats, Trainings (half-day, full-day)

Anger Resolution™: From Pain to Power

Best-fit audience: Corporations, small businesses, couples in crisis

Anger is an expression of pain. When that pain is not resolved, it can turn into conflict that can escalate, causing crises at home and at work. You’ll learn five powerful techniques to immediately identify and de-escalate anger before it turns ugly and spirals out of control. You’ll leave this interactive presentation knowing how to express your anger in a way that’s both socially and professionally acceptable.

Healthy Emotional Sex

Best-fit audience: Couples, personal growth retreats, sex education and awareness conferences, people who are interested in conscious sex

Haven’t had intimacy with your partner in how long? Explore new ways to communicate with your partner and yourself regarding the issue of intimacy in your life. Learn five new bonding techniques that are not sexual, but intimate, and enhance the intimacy in your relationships. Tantric techniques are also provided to help enhance sexual expression and experience.

Spiritual, but Not Religious

Best-fit audience: Geeks, gay community, gay youth, nerds, et al.

This presentation welcomes outcasts, geeks, nerds, pervs, queers, and all those who’ve been hurt by monotheistic religious principles that oppose your differences. Explore new theories that challenge outdated and incorrect ideas about God, life, and your purpose in the world. Discover and realize your true value, and how much the world needs you at this crucial point in time. Rethink your perspective as a social outcast. You’ll leave with a certainty that you’re whole and complete as you are, and as you always have been.

Additional Talks Include…

  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Spiritual & Tantric Sex
  • New Thought Spirituality
  • Women Reclaiming Authentic Feminine Power
  • Men’s Issues: The Immature vs. the Mature Masculine
  • Tantra and Spirituality

Meet Jim Michael…

Jim Michael, MA, LMFT, is a licensed Los Angeles psychotherapist in private practice, certified in hypnosis, who coaches in stress and anger management as well as personal empowerment. Also trained and certified in domestic violence prevention, he ran groups on this topic for five years. His unique tools of the trade help people effectively reclaim leadership in their own lives. Jim has appeared on “Let’s Figure it Out” with Tammeron, an online radio show at www.VoiceAmerica.com.