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Topics: Goal-Setting, Work/Life Balance, Business, Leadership, Money Mindset, Motivational, Entrepreneurial Solutions, Entrepreneurship

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Successful serial entrepreneur, business coach, creator of Best Planner Ever, and author of  The Joy Guide: Finding Your Joy In A World of Crap shares planning tools and strategies that help high achievers set goals and keep them, boost cash flow and profits, and live each day with focus, purpose and satisfaction.

Are you struggling to meet your business goals? Did your last marketing campaign flop? Does figuring out your business strategy make your brain hurt? Do you long for more time to pursue the things that make you happy? 

If your audience is facing these issues, then Jennifer Dawn’s energetic talks offer proven strategies to make business explode so they can take back their lives. An experienced entrepreneur who made millions for her own company and for corporate, she realized she had valuable strategies to share that could help entrepreneurs move from frustration to success.

 Jennifer Dawn’s fun, energetic talks show how to:  

  • Put more money directly in your pocket with the Profit Plus strategy 
  • End cash crunches or struggling to make payroll
  • Stop chasing customers
  • End busywork that gets you nowhere
  • Stop money leaking out of your business
  • Conquer overwhelm and procrastination
  • Create personal and professional boundaries
  • Let go of gimmicky practices 
  • End distractions that take you off-track
  • Set goals and keep them
  • Take back your life and have time for what makes you happy

The founder of Best Planner Ever, Jennifer began her entrepreneurial career selling apples off her grandfather’s tree because a lemonade stand was “so yesterday.” It wasn’t long before, as  Software Division President for a $54M manufacturing firm, she grew sales from $300k to $2.2M in two short years. After growing a second multi-million-dollar company, she became a successful speaker, author, coach and workshop leader who inspires her audience to achieve more than they ever thought possible. “I’ve found my passion and purpose in showing others proven time management strategies that explode their business,” she says

The audience learns from this master planner how to set goals and keep them, which leads to more profit, cash-flow, and time to pursue the things that make life fun. They’ll evaluate what tasks and practices need to be eliminated, maintained, or replaced in their business and leave inspired to live each day with focus, purpose, and satisfaction. 

Fast Facts

  • Jennifer founded her first software company at age 23 and traveled the world while growing the business from nothing to over $1M in sales annually.
  • After selling apples off her grandfather’s tree at age 8, she launched a cake decorating business in high school, then worked for the Governor of Florida and IBM in her early 20’s.

 What people are saying…
Jennifer’s guidance and expertise in goal-setting and planning are superb. Her passion for helping people create their vision with grace and ease created a genuine environment where everyone felt safe to share and express themselves. I learned tools that I can use in my speaking and coaching business along with my personal goals.”
– Marla L.

  • Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows
  • Expos, Fairs, Retreats 
  • Corporations, Non-Profits
  • CEOs, Executive Managers, HR Professionals
  • Team Leaders, Sales Reps  
  • Business & Civic Groups
  • Women’s Groups, Career Women
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials
  • Community Organizations
  • Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Parents, Educators
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Small Offices


Building an Effective Leadership Team

When it comes to leading a team, there are so many things to consider – communication styles of your teammates, their strengths and weaknesses, and their individual purpose. If your leadership team has been facing some challenges and needs to be re-engaged, this customized workshop is for you and your team. Format and content created based on the individual needs of your team.

Productivity Boot Camp

If you find yourself struggling to meet goals, or simply overwhelmed each day going through the motions with no clear direction, the Productivity Boot Camp is the perfect solution. We’ll walk you through a powerful 4-Step Process to clarify your vision, refine your goals, plan a solid strategy, and execute daily without fail. It’s THE fastest way to supercharge your productivity and gain forward momentum on your most important life and work goals.

Top to Bottom Profits

Running a business has its challenges, especially when it comes to finding that “sweet spot” within your profit margins. We are normally taught to run a business and then figure out the profit later – which only leaves us more frustrated in the end. Instead learn a simple system to manage all the cash coming into your business with Profit First. Eliminate the frustration of confusing financial statements and see how easy financial decisions can really be.

Meet Jennifer Dawn…

Jennifer Dawn is a successful Business Coach and founder of Best Planner Ever. She began her entrepreneurial career selling apples off her grandfather’s tree because a lemonade stand was “so yesterday.” She’s a serial entrepreneur who has grown two multi-million-dollar businesses and is a successful speaker and author. Jennifer serves high-achieving entrepreneurs through private business coaching and hands-on workshops. She is a master at setting and achieving goals, problem-solving, profitability, and cash flow.

Married to her soul mate Douglas Robbins, the two love to take motorcycle trips, zooming up mountains and winding country roads. “I have three beautiful children who teach me something new every day,” says Jennifer, “and my horse, Hockey, is my solace and keeps me on my toes. Finding a true work-life balance has not been easy, but it’s been a journey well worth the effort and the accomplishment of which I am most proud.”

What people are saying…

“Jennifer’s workshop taught me more about the things I thought I knew. Knowing the definition of a strategy is very different than creating your own and applying it! I was able to fill in the gaps that had been missing and holding me back. After taking this workshop, I feel much more organized and better able to generate and keep up momentum.”
– Debbie H.

 “Jennifer’s approach to goal planning is unique; she breaks it down in a loving and compassionate way. I now understand that even with setbacks and life’s challenges I can still create the life and vision that I want. Thank you, Jennifer!”
– Marla M.

The Best Planner Ever

Also available at

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – Designed by Business Coach Jennifer Dawn for people to maximize their output and performance. Improve your business, output, and impact with weekly and monthly goal tracking
  • REALIZE YOUR VISION – The integrated vision pages will allow you to take your visualizations with you at all times. Let it serve as constant reminder of the dreams you will achieve
  • GET IN SHAPE – Built in HEALTH tracker helps you stay on track and motivated to hit your daily, weekly, and monthly fitness goals. EAT RIGHT & LIVE BETTER
  • PERFECT GIFT – For men and women with an academic, professional, & financial purpose as well as high school and college students, professors and teachers
  • PRINTED IN THE USA – Features high quality materials that was designed to endure and make your life easier.