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Topics: Motivational, Recovery, Inspirational, Diabetes, Disabilities, Healthy Lifestyle, Wellness, Financial Freedom

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Tech expert and youth baseball and football coach who overcame deadly disease and financial ruin shows how the miracle of “Triangular Thinking” restored his health and finances in less than 180 days.

Can you turn your health and finances around in 3 to 6 months? Laid off from a 20-year corporate career, Jamil Hasan became deathly ill. So ill that his doctor told him he wanted to make his few remaining months “comfortable.” Then things got worse and Jamil had two heart attacks in late 2018. At the same time, his finances collapsed and he was down to his last twenty dollars. Desperate for a solution, he took a hard look at his mindset—and found a new way of thinking that turned things around. “Today,”  he says, “I’m in great health and looking forward to the rest of my life.”

In a miraculous 90-day turnaround, Jamil completely regained his health and finances. He lost over 70 pounds, healed his Type 2 diabetes and liver disease, went from cardiac patient to cardiac warrior, and turned his last $20 into $20,000.

The secret? “Triangular Thinking.” In his heartfelt, energetic presentations, this bestselling author shows his audience how this logical technique can leverage their brain power to bust through any obstacle or challenge. “Your mindset needs three components for success,” says Jamil. In weight loss, ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’ is not enough, because two components just form a straight line. You need a third component to lay a solid foundation. When you train your mind to create a Triangle Offense, you increase your brain power and tap into new solutions. And then there’s nothing you can’t achieve.”

Jamil shows his audience how to apply Triangular Thinking to any life challenge or crisis, just as he did to create his miraculous recovery. They experience the power of right-left brain integration, the root of this new technique. “When you can toggle between your right and left brain, you can turn any situation around in hours, days or weeks instead of months, years… or never,” Jamil adds. His heartfelt talk is guaranteed to lift your spirits and show you that no matter how big the challenges or crises you’re facing right now, you have the power within you to come out a winner and never give up on your dream.

You’ll learn how to leverage the Triangle Offense to unlock your brain’s hidden healing powers in every area of your life, whether health, finances or relationships, so you can be living the life you love in less than 180 days.

Fast Facts

  • Jamil reversed Type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic liver disease (NASH) while recovering from two heart attacks in less than 180 days.
  • He built an online portfolio, turning $20 into $20,000 during his recovery, without getting hacked or scammed.

What people are saying…

“Thanks, Jamil, for being my motivation. It is really a great experience to work with you. You enhanced my value, thanks a ton!”
– Elis Li

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Keynote Presentations

Offered as a keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars. Jamil Hasan is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Leverage the Triangle Offense to Unlock your Brain’s Hidden Healing Powers, Lose Weight, Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Live a Life You Love in less than 178 Days

In this heartfelt, energetic presentation, Jamil shows how to leverage the “Triangle Offense” to unlock your brain’s hidden healing powers to reverse disease, turn your finances around, and defeat any obstacle that stops you from living a life you love. The audience learns how the challenges they’re facing can be gateways to powers they never knew they had. Jamil shows exactly how he turned his life around, and everyone receives a technique that allows them to leverage their own brain power to create the same miraculous changes in their own lives.

Meet Jamil Hasan…

Jamil Hasan is a former Information Technology Manager at American International Group, Inc. Before his dual heart attacks and his focus on health recovery, Jamil authored the book Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance. Writing that book enabled Jamil to learn how to access his right-brain creative side that he then applied to recover from his heart attacks and reverse type 2 diabetes.

In his early career, Jamil earned a Master of Science in Finance degree from Drexel University and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Virginia Tech. He spent most of his career building data departments before realizing his calling now—to help people reverse type 2 diabetes.

What people are saying…

“Thanks, Jamil, for being my motivation. It is really a great experience to work with you. You enhanced my value, thanks a ton!”
– Elis Li

NEW! Re-Generation X: How Generation X Can Leverage Blockchain Technology to Save Themselves and Rebuild America

We Generation X members (Gen Xers) are a sinking generation, lost in many ways, together on a proverbial Titanic. This new decade of the 2020s has gotten off to quite a rocky start for many of us. To carve our way forward will require grit and a deep understanding of new economic opportunities as well as deep reflection into our country’s history and economic generational challenges. Though age-wise, we have another thirty to forty years to go, we stand at the precipice of whether we’ll go silently into obscurity or if we will create something that will lead to generational prominence for our children and grandchildren.

We Gen Xers, especially the nomadic ones (those of us sidelined by Corporate America and either doing our own thing or recently laid off) are pretty much in the same boat. We have common obstacles in the creation of the American Dream for ourselves. Understanding the components that made up the financial disaster of 2008, how my small support role at AIG helped keep the U.S. economy afloat, and the generational wealth and leadership opportunities at our doorstep right now is critical to reversing our current misfortunes and restoring generational abundance. Read more…

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Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance

Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance

Unlike many other recent Blockchain books focused on describing and defining Blockchain technology from a technical or cryptocurrency perspective, this unique book takes a very different tack: its focus is on how mainstream and marginalized Americans can use blockchain technology and digital assets ethically to create an abundant life.

This book explores what Blockchain technology is doing today and how it can be used to create a better tomorrow.

The book daringly explores how blockchain technology can make a difference in improving America’s education system, cracking the Glass Ceiling, altering employment outlooks, and improving every person’s financial future.

The author examines and explores the business and social impact that open sourced Blockchain technology promises us is possible. And, in turn, it discusses how we Americans can take those possibilities to create our economy, country, and lives into bustling meccas of abundance for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.

Articles by Jamil Hasan
Erasing Family and the Ethics of Blockchain for Humanity