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Topics: Career, Leadership, Motivational, Success

Areas: Nationwide, Nevada



James Malinchak is recognized worldwide as one of the top speakers on the college circuit and was voted College Speaker of the Year by Campus Activities magazine and the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA). He has spoken at over 700 colleges and conferences worldwide and is a sought-after speaker in the business community who will motivate, educate and energize your next meeting and all those who attend.

James has made over 2,200 presentations worldwide. No wonder he is considered one of the most requested keynote speakers in America today! He was named a Consummate Speaker of the Year by Sharing Ideas professional speakers’ magazine and was selected for inclusion in a new book, The World’s Best Professional Speakers—And Why!

James is the author of 10 books including the top-seller, From College to the Real World, and is co-author of the audio program How to Ace College and Land a Great Career. He has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous newspapers, and frequently writes articles for NACA’s Programming, AFA’s Perspectives and Campus Activities.

Prior to pursuing a full-time speaking and writing career, James was an award-winning Beverly Hills, CA, stockbroker whose clients included many famous entertainers, authors and professional athletes. He is a Contributing Author to, and Associate Editor for, the #1 New York Times Best-Selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul and is a Co-Author for Chicken Soup for the College Soul.



Success Starts With Attitude (Motivational Keynote: 30 or 60 mins.) 
Everyone needs to be reminded of the importance of attitude and how it affects the success of an organization and an individual. Whether you’re dealing with customers, clients, prospects, employees, employers, family members, relationships or personal issues, “Success Starts With Attitude.” This motivational, humorous, and high-energy message is ideal for an opening or closing session as it is sure to Refuel, Recharge and Reenergize your audience!

Leading From the Heart (Leadership Keynote: 30 or 60 mins.)
How to Motivate and Inspire Others to Outperform Themselves 
This motivational message is designed to empower you to positively influence others to outperform themselves by adapting the effective communication skills of top leaders. James presents effective leadership strategies he developed from being a team captain on Championship basketball teams, building a successful sales business and managing three successful businesses.

A Taste of Inspiration (Inspirational Keynote: 30 or 60 mins.) 
In this inspiring keynote, James? natural storytelling ability will lead you through heart-felt stories while delivering an uplifting message sure to touch the heart and soul. James mixes inspirational stories with humor and an educational message to uplift audiences so they can experience a rewarding personal and professional life.

Jump-Start Your Leadership Skills (90 mins., or 3 hours) 
Strategies for Leading Individuals and Groups 
James will empower you to immediately improve your leadership abilities by sharing his 7 Steps for Effective Leadership.

Live With Purpose, Passion and Power (60 mins., 90 mins., or 3 hours)
Action Strategies for Creating Extraordinary Results 
There’s nothing special about reaching your potential. Anyone can reach their potential by simply waking up each morning and going through a normal routine. You can only achieve true greatness when you strive to exceed your potential. In this idea-packed keynote, you’ll learn specific success strategies that will empower you to Live With Purpose, Passion and Power- so you can achieve extraordinary results!

It Takes Teamwork to Make Your Dream Work (Motivational Keynote: 30 or 60 mins.)
Individuals don’t win championships, TEAMS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! In this energizing keynote, you’ll discover the importance of working together, struggling together and achieving together. James empowers audiences to remember what TEAM stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More!

Network Your Way to Success (60 mins., 90 mins., or 3 hours) 
Secrets for Building Powerful and Profitable Contacts
The ability to network with key centers of influence can propel your business and income to the next level. Unfortunately, many business professionals don’t make it a point to use effective networking strategies. Drawing from his experience as a sales professional and entrepreneur, James leads audiences through the most effective networking strategies known, and then helps them to immediately create a powerful network of relationships that can lead to new and repeat business.


From College to the Real World 
(James’ most requested presentation)
In this powerful and award-winning presentation based on his top-selling book, James gives students unique “street-smart” strategies for getting hired. James says, “Universities were built to give you knowledge, this presentation is designed to get you hired! It will not waste your time. The strategies in this presentation have one objective: TO GET YOU HIRED IMMEDIATELY!”

7 Secrets for College Success 
(Great for Orientation, Welcome Week) 
James leads students toward creating a successful college experience by getting them to answer these important and usually overlooked questions.

Get High on Life, Not Drugs 
In this powerful and hard hitting program, James gets right to the point about the evil of drugs while stressing the importance of making the right choices. He also illustrates his points with many real life stories of teens who made wrong choices.

Jump-Start Your Leadership Skills (Workshop) 
James presents powerful and effective leadership strategies in a simple and understandable format. He draws from his experiences of serving as a team captain on championship basketball teams, building a successful sales business and starting his own business.

Your Dreams, and Become VERY Successful 
(Keynote or Workshop, Ideal for Career Day) 
In this powerful breakout session, James shares strategies that help teens plan for a successful future. He walks them through the process of creating a step-by-step action plan for achieving success.