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We understand. The Quick Guide (below) will take you to key pages on the site. No time to check out the Guide? Here’s what we do in a nutshell:

We’re not an agency that finds you gigs. Instead, we’re an online Speakers Directory that showcases you as a speaker so gigs can find you.

We make this affordable with two plans, Basic and Premium. They’re both just $9.95/month. There’s a one-time set-up fee because we do all the work—our writers and designers create your listing for you. All you do is fill out our online Speaker Intake Form.

The set-up fee is $149 for the Basic plan and $249 for Premium. With Premium, you get two private coaching sessions with the experts on our team and/or you can work with a Virtual Assistant whose specialty is helping speakers.

Our monthly fee is low because we want to make it affordable for you to maintain your web presence. This shouldn’t be an expense you have to think about. We’ve been doing this for 25 years, and we’ve seen how the business has changed. Today, many event planners search online. We want you to be there when they search. It just takes one call to change everything.

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Just click on this calendar to book a time at your convenience. I’m a former journalist, not a salesperson, so this call is to see if Speaker Services is right for you. Look forward to speaking soon!

You can also register right from this page by clicking on Choose your plan. Or, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll send you this Quick Guide in an email.

Jean-Noel Bassior

Quick Guide

Speaker Services has been connecting speakers and audiences for over 25 years.
Here’s how it works…  

You can have a listing
like this in the Speakers Directory

Choose from two plans: Basic or Premium

  • Basic: $9.95/month  $149 set-up

Here’s what you get…

  • Our writers create a 6-page professional speaking profile for you in our online Speakers Directory. It’s like having a personal website devoted to your speaking, and you show up as a speaker on Google and other search engines too. See a sample listing »
  • Event planners contact you directly—no middleman! We’re not an agency, so we don’t take any fees from your bookings—no middleman, ever. See how we work »
  • Premium: $9.95/month $249 set-up (adds private coaching)
  • Premium gives you two private coaching sessions with the experts on our team. You’ll learn how to find more gigs, make friends with the media, improve your presentation skills (if needed), and other ways to build or boost your speaking career. We also have virtual assistants on our team who love working with speakers, and you can use one or both of your sessions with them. So if you need help with promotional materials, social media, or other tasks, they’ll help get them done! Meet our team»

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  1. Choose your plan and click Get Started Now at the bottom of the column. Or, call us at 310-512-7779 to register by phone. If you get voice mail, we’ll call you back.
  2. Complete our online Speaker Intake Form. We’ll get back to you when we receive it.

Call us if you need help with the intake form or have questions,
or book a time to chat on this handy calendar


Some background: Speaker Services has been connecting speakers and audiences for 25 years. Susan Levin and Jean-Noel Bassior started the business together in 1992 as a print directory (see Our Founder). My background (Jean-Noel) is as a journalist. You can see some of my celebrity interviews here. When I coach speakers on how to get more gigs, I draw on my experience in getting past the Hollywood gatekeepers, because the same skills used by journalists on assignment can be used by speakers when dealing with event planners. And if you’re willing to be just a bit proactive, we’ll show you how to get gig applications coming right to your inbox.

Feel free to call us with any questions or book a time to chat here. We never try to sell our service—it has to feel right to you. Our goal is to create a beautiful, professional speaking profile for you that will attract meeting planners. BTW, we’re known for our excellent search engine presence and our personal, one-on-one training (included in the Premium plan) that helps you build your speaking career.

Choose your plan or call us with questions at 310-512-7779. Or book an appointment to chat on this handy calendar. Looking forward to helping you build or boost your speaking career!