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Availability: S. California, Western Pennsylvania, Northeastern Ohio; National

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Topics: Interior Design, Interior Redesign, Personal Growth, Inspirational, Baby Boomers, Women

Areas: S. California, Western Pennsylvania, Northeastern Ohio; National

Title: International Interior Designer, Reconnective Healing Practitioner (Energy Worker), Inspirational Speaker, Angel Card Reader, Intuitive


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Interior designer and healing practitioner shows how to revitalize your living space to create a more soul-satisfying environment.

Does your home and work space reflect your life today? Have you been through a life transition—but not yet adapted your surroundings to the change? “You can infuse your home and work space with positive energy that reinvigorates your life—without hiring a professional decorator!” says Gina Paris, who combines 30 years of hands-on interior design experience with a background in holistic healing. From flooring to window treatments, color schemes to lighting, furniture to accessories, Gina’s energetic presentation gives you the secrets you need to revitalize your living environment. The founder of Gina Paris Design, she combines DYI tips, healing knowledge, and intuition to help audience members facing major change or transition—retirement, new home, divorce, illness and other challenges—to step into a new space that reflects how they envision their lives today.

Drawing on her background in care-giving and energy therapy, Gina shares inspiring stories of love, loss, and hope during difficult life transitions that led to creative and healing interior make-overs, and she’ll guide you into envisioning your ideal home or work space. You’ll learn how to combine the full spectrum of color and the innovative use of light to change the energy of any room in your home. With an emphasis on do-it-yourself design, Gina challenges her audience to select a favorite object and imagine it as the focal point for a functional new, revitalized design. “When I work in a room, I’m changing the energy to raise the vibration of the space and its inhabitants,” says Gina, whose natural empathy helps her connect with her audience as she teaches them how to “design spaces that feel the way you want them to feel.”

Audiences leave Gina’s inspiring presentation eager to transform their home or office into a positive space that reflects the new person they’ve become by triumphing over life’s challenges.


Best-fit Audiences

  • Baby Boomers, Millennials, retirees
  • Realtors, real estate associations, property owners
  • Home Décor, Furniture, Lighting, Paint, and DIY Retailers
  • Home and Garden Events
  • Caretakers, healers, health workers
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
  • Community Organizations
  • Women’s groups, career women


Presented as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and Webinars. Gina Paris is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Windows that WOW!
Have you decorated your room, but it still seems unfinished? Did you leave your windows bare because you don’t know what to do with them? This informative, interactive workshop shows you how to make your own creative window treatments and how to buy custom coverings. You’ll leave with newfound confidence and inspiration, knowing how to transform your windows and add style to any room.

Put Your Foot Down… on Fabulous Flooring
Are you flooring a new room and overwhelmed by the possibilities? Whether you’re replacing your tired old carpeting or laying luxury vinyl planks for the first time, you’ll leave this presentation armed with the basic knowledge you need, a design process, and the confidence to Decorate It Yourself.

 Aging in Place: Living in Your Dream Home for Life
Has your life always revolved around your home, which has now transformed into an empty nest? What are your expectations for this next chapter of your life? Travel? Career? Staying fit? Will your home support your new agenda? Whether you’re a baby boomer ready for retirement or at the peak of your career, it’s time to adapt your home environment to match your new lifestyle. To start the “aging in place” conversation, Gina shares home decorating tips on everything from color schemes to lighting. You’ll leave this presentation with an abundance of options and ideas for where you want to live and how you want to live there.

Meet Gina Paris…

A natural entrepreneur, Gina Paris was ten when she opened her first business—a lemonade stand. As a teenager, when she wasn’t working at her family’s auto parts business, she was helping her mother tear down non-support walls, wallpapering, and painting to match her design tastes to her living environment. But it wasn’t until Gina and her husband renovated their first home, a 100-year-old house in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, that she knew interior design was her passion.

“I believe that everything is energy,” says Gina. “Whether we feel good or bad depends on the frequency, either from a person or a room. Low frequencies equal illness; high frequencies equal feeling, being, and living well.”

With 30 years of experience as a DIY interior decorator/designer, Gina Paris is a Certified Interior Redesign professional, a Certified Color Consultant, Certified Home Stager, and has studied Reconnective Healing and Mayofacial Release Therapy. Gina was Trend Lighting’s Designer of the Month in 2012 and was an Assistant Designer for Restaurant Impossible, Spring 2014.

Gina Paris conducts workshops and does consultations with private clients and corporations, was mother and caregiver to a child with special needs for 15½ years, and has two other children. At present, she lives with her family in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, in a home she renovated to accommodate her son’s medical needs. She also spends time at the beach home she built on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

What people are saying…

“Gina Paris is AWESOME!!! Gina is GREAT at what she does! We had a house on the market for over two years. Gina came in and gave suggestions on what needed to be done, and the house sold in just a few months! She is professional and very organized. We so appreciated her services!”
—Heather Carlson, Executive Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

“I first met Gina when she came to my previous home to ‘stage’ it for sale. She took all my old stuff and rearranged it so it flowed, made sense and was pleasing to the eye. My home sold in the next 60 days after being on the market the previous 18 months. When I purchased my new home, Gina helped me define the design style and color palette for the space. Then, throughout the design process, if we were stuck on a decision, we always went back to the words I had selected. This process served as a beacon by which our collaborative design evolved. Now, when I walk into the space, it really feels like home, so beautiful to the eye, and so satisfying for the spirit and soul.”
—Mary Jo Hunter, Pharm. D.; Vantage Healthcare Network

“Gina frequents our flooring showroom and makes each project fun. Her creative mind, knowledge of colors/materials, dedication to the customer and so much more are reflected in every project. If you are in need of updating, but don’t know how, or if you are simply looking for fresh ideas, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Gina.”
—Brian Kacprowicz, Account Manager, ProSource of Erie, PA

“Gina is an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend her services to anyone looking to work with a caring and intuitive professional.”
—Sarah Sheppard, Interior Designer and Lighting Design Consultant, The Hite Company

“Gina Paris has updated our whole house. She redesigned our living room using existing furniture and accessories, but in more creative ways. Before the room was unwelcoming to visit; now it’s inviting, warm and comforting. I saw no hope for our bedroom, but Gina got some great new pieces, new window treatments, and painted my grandmother’s dresser. Now everything is in perspective, light and airy. Beautiful!

“For our great room, Gina has designed a very creative window enclosure that conceals a prominent Jacuzzi. We resurfaced the fireplace with stacked stone, added custom built-ins, new furnishings, lighting and accessories, making the room spectacular.

“Gina has a great sense of humor and easy manner, making consultations and shopping trips comfortable and fun. She is very professional and very knowledgeable. We have enjoyed having her in our home and are fortunate to have a designer of her caliber in our area.”

—Betty Minnis, retiree


Gina’s clients include…

  • JoAnne Lenart-Weary’s DYI-Decorate Interiors Yourself Workshop, September 2014: Windows That WOW!
  • Life Works Erie Spring Fling Event, April 2014: The Redesign Two-Step (see Video #1)
  • Conneaut Lake Middle School 5th grade Title I Reading Classes, March 2014
  • Live Your Dream YOLO: My Travels in Egypt, 2013
  • The 53rd Builders Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania Home Show 2013, Erie, PA: How to Select Flooring Like a Designer
  • ProSource of Erie: Trade Pro Networking Event 2013: How to Select Flooring Like a Designer
  • The 52nd Builders Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania Home Show 2012, Erie, PA: Windows That WOW!