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Get Training - Speaker Services DirectoryOur Premium plan includes your listing in the Speakers Directory plus two private coaching sessions with the experienced trainers and virtual assistants on our team. Whether you’re a new or seasoned speaker, these one-on-one, hour-long sessions can show you how to find more speaking gigs and position yourself as a media expert. Our team members can also help you improve your website and promotional materials, and boost your online reputation and presence.

No time to promote yourself? Not doing as much social media as you should? Use one or both of your sessions with our virtual assistants, who help speakers and coaches promote their careers. We can help you with email marketing and management, webinars and landing pages, telesummits and giveaways, and all that “tech stuff” you don’t have time to learn.

We also have three team members who have developed their own programs and are happy to give you a free half-hour consultation. Julie Austin is an expert on sponsorship and shows how to get paid when you speak for free, and Jackie Lapin supplies lists of gigs you can apply for right now! And if you’ve ever dreamed about a TV show or movie based on your life or work, John Halas can show you how to get a script you can pitch to Hollywood.

Our team members specialize in these topics:

  • Get more speaking gigs
  • Develop your presentations
  • Become a “go-to” media expert in your field
  • Build or polish your presentation skills
  • Jumpstart or boost your speaking career
  • Promote your business through speaking
  • Get paid for free gigs by sponsors
  • Overcome shyness when speaking
  • Build or improve your website
  • Develop or polish your promotional materials
  • Master speaking skills for women professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Do more social media posts in less time
  • Promote your book
  • Fix or improve your online reputation

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What speakers are saying…

“Because of the classes I’ve taken through you, and the private sessions, I was able to spread my wings and really fly! Just last week I spoke at Pendleton Marine Base and the wonderful man who invited me came up to say, ‘When our next round of funding comes in, we’d like you to work with us on some team building.’ Thank you for launching me on what I hope will be a thriving speaking career. You rock!” ~ Dina Silver
“Thanks to the invaluable coaching and mentorship of Speaker Services, after a few short, exciting months in the speaking business, I’m on my way to a sparkling international career! In September, I’ll be delivering the keynote speech at the First Annual Conference on Domestic Violence hosted by the United States Army at its base in Stuttgart, Germany. Thank you and bless you, Speaker Services!” ~ Kathryn Tull
“Just a short note to thank you for helping me transition painlessly from an author into a public speaker. My goal was to keep the stakes as low as I could for myself – so I signed up for the Speakers for Free section of the Directory. I figured the worse case scenario would be that a company would get exactly what they paid for my presentation – nothing! But much to my surprise and relief, the companies began to get a lot more than zero. In fact, one major corporation liked my free presentation so much that they invited me back for six more presentations – and this time they insisted on paying me thousands of dollars! Bless you for the creative and important service that you provide.” ~  Al Secunda
“Because of your coaching I’ve shared the stage with Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama, Mark Victor Hansen and Harv Eker, and have had some amazing partnerships. Thanks for the boost! Glad to see you are still incubating us speakers!” ~ Greg Montana
“I never imagined myself a speaker – that was for the Tony Robbins of the world. Now, two years after I joined Speaker Services, I am presenting to groups all over the country, attracting lots of new clients, and being paid. The best part is, I absolutely love speaking!” ~ Linda Landon