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Military veteran and personal finance expert uses the power of real life experience to illuminate financial topics and shows how to achieve the work-life balance everyone strives for.

Are you working so hard that you’re missing out on the joy of life? Are you paralyzed by overwhelming financial decisions, feeling like any move you make will be the wrong one? “It’s never too late to take charge of your life,” says financial planner Forrest Baumhover, who’s been featured in USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Investopedia, Financial IQ,, NerdWallet, Monitor and many other media outlets. Whether your audience is military veterans, small business owners, real estate agents, people pursuing a second career, or anyone who wants to be successful with money but doesn’t know where to begin, Forrest sets them at ease by explaining personal finance in a way anyone can understand.

Forrest’s thought-provoking talks cover a variety of financial topics, from taxes, employee benefits, and how to plan for the future to overcoming financial fear and making the right decisions. Not sure how to set and achieve financial goals? Forrest tailors his interactive talks to the needs of his audience and answers their questions in everyday language that makes personal finance easy to understand. Thinking of a career transition to the lucrative world of real estate? If that’s your dream, Forrest will answer all your questions. Having served 24 years as a naval officer, he brings real life experience to his audience as he helps them understand a variety of financial topics and addresses a wide range of questions and concerns.

A personal finance expert, tax professional, founder of Westchase Financial Planning, and the author of Military in Transition’s Guide to the Survivor Benefit Plan, Forrest Baumhover’s inspirational presentations will motivate your audience to look at money not just as a number, but as something that enables them to live their best lives. “I focus on helping people define that relationship between their money and the life they want to live,” says Forrest, who’s on a mission to promote financial literacy, success, and work-life balance.

You’ll leave Forrest Baumhover’s upbeat, inspiring presentations determined to make personal finance a priority in your life and achieve that work-life balance everyone wants!

Fast Facts
Over the course of his military career, Forrest served in a variety of leadership positions where he worked with civilian and military personnel on their personal financial needs, including budgeting, debt management and dealing with the effects of sequestration.

Five years prior to his military retirement, Forrest put together his own business success plan and achieved his dream of building his own financial planning firm.  

He’s the author of Military in Transition’s Guide to the Survivor Benefit Plan, specifically written to help retiring servicemembers and their families fully understand the military’s pension system, and he writes the popular Our Two Cents blog.  

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Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars. Forrest Baumhover is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Work-Life Balance: My Transition from a Military Career to The Life I Deserve

Have you entered an inspiring career field, only to feel like you’ve missed your true calling? Are you tired of working so hard for your money that you feel like you’re missing out? Forrest Baumhover felt that way too. Over his 24-year military career, Forrest went through a variety of stages, from teen wanderlust to investing in his career, to fervent post 9/11-patriotism. But as his assignments grew more lucrative, they were less and less satisfying. So he put together an exit strategy and a 5-year plan that allowed him to change careers on his own terms. And in this life-changing talk, he shows how you can do the same.

In this interactive talk, Forrest shares how he overcame his fears about leaving the security of a ‘government job’ and the step-by-step plan he used to design the life that he and his family always wanted. During this presentation, he’ll help you create your own career transition plan. You’ll learn how to identify your critical skills, find mentors in your desired new career, and take that crucial first step towards success. You’ll leave this inspiring presentation knowing how to transform a life of drudgery into the life you were meant to live.

How to Survive Your First Year in Real Estate (Financially)

New to real estate? Got a solid plan but wondering if you’ll make it before your money runs out? Based upon a continuing education course he built for Florida Realtors®, Forrest walks first-year real estate agents through the personal finance topics they need to understand in order to build a successful business. Audiences leave with an understanding of cash flow, self-employment and taxes, as well as tips on how to build a game-plan based upon sound financial decisions.

Meet Forrest Baumhover…

Forrest Baumhover is the founder of Westchase Financial Planning. He’s also the author of Military in Transition’s Guide to the Survivor Benefit Plan, a book that helps retiring servicemembers make the most of their well-earned pensions.

Forrest understands what it means to be middle-age, unsure of your future, and yearning to do something other than your current job. As a career military man, Forrest spent 24 years in the United States Navy. Having turned 18 in boot camp, Forrest knew several things. First, the military life was all he knew… but he would eventually leave it one day. Second, he had personal priorities that started competing with his focus on a successful military career. Third, he wanted to start his next life on his own terms.  

In 2012, Forrest started putting together a plan that would enable him to achieve military retirement on his own terms, focus on family, and build the financial planning practice he’d always wanted. To do this, he returned to school to become a Certified Financial Planner™ and tax professional.

In 2015, while on active duty, he started his firm, Westchase Financial Planning, in Tampa, Florida.  In his practice, he helps people face their financial challenges to create their own success stories, with a focus on working with transitioning servicemembers and their families as they exit the military.  Through his writing and speaking engagements, Forrest helps people take charge of their lives and achieve the work-life balance everyone truly wants.

Forrest’s writing can be found on his blog, Our Two Cents, Military By Owner, Military Wallet, and other websites. He’s been quoted in USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Investopedia, and NerdWallet, among other news outlets. He has also been a featured guest on several podcasts, such as “The Military Wallet,” “Crushing Debt,” and “Veteran on the Move.”  He is also a real estate continuing education instructor in the state of Florida.

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Books by Forrest Baumhover

Military in Transition’s Guide to the Survival Benefit Plan

Military In Transition's Guide to the Survivor Benefit PlanFinally, together in one place, a comprehensive resource to help military members and their families learn about the Survivor Benefit Plan. Choosing whether or not to select the Survivor Benefit Plan is a very personal decision, and you deserve to have the most information and insight possible so that you make the right decision for your situation. This book is a starting point for what you need to know so that you can formulate your own decision when it comes to selecting the Survivor Benefit Plan upon your retirement. This book points you to all the available DoD resources, and gives you information to promote your critical thinking. Follow practical case studies based upon families like yours, and the ones you see throughout your career. Perhaps you’ll see yourself in one of their stories and know the steps to take to start your journey about whether or not to choose to participate in the Survivor Benefit Plan. Over the next few decades, hundreds of thousands of military families will be making their transition into military retirement. Learn how you can address the financial risks that you and your family face, and make the right financial decision as you choose whether or not the Survivor Benefit Plan is right for you. This book is a quick read, and designed to be both a personal and informational resource for you to make one of the most important decisions of your military transition.