What meeting planners are saying…

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service you are providing! In this time of ever-increasing budget cuts, we are still able to provide our staff with opportunities for excellent learning experiences, training, personal growth, and FUN by utilizing your speakers. Staff has given rave reviews to the speakers we have used, and we plan to continue using your service.

Debbie Bean, San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters

Thank you so much for referring your speakers to me for our Microsoft Office Live meeting. We have had a great time working with every one of them, and our audience has had an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. We will definitely use you as a reference for more seminars in the future!

Robynn Anton, Speaker Coordinator, Microsoft Office Live Meeting

I am in charge of the Employee Wellness Brown Bag Programs at the Daniel Freeman Hospitals. The speakers we have used for our programs were professional and the programs were excellent. The Directory has saved me hours of time, research and telephone calls.

Elaine Porzucki, Daniel Freeman Hospital

I have found your publication to be a valuable resource. I am impressed by the quality and professionalism of the speakers found in the Directory. You have provided a terrific and much-needed service, and have been a delight to work with.

Mary Jo Ginty, Co-Chair for Consultants Roundtable 

The Speaker Services Directory has proven to be an invaluable resource for several of our events.

Greg Montana, Speaker 

The Speaker Services Directory has proven to be an invaluable resource for several of our events.

Sandra Moses, PacBell

We have found excellent, top-notch professional speakers through your Directory. A terrific resource for speakers for our sales representatives!

John Rigoh, Branch Manager, Pitney Bowes

As a result of the wonderful speakers I have found through the Directory, our meetings this past year were a great success and we have increased our membership by 67%.

Patricia V. Scott, Rockwell Organization for Women 

I have used your speakers and performers on many occasions and find them to be talented, knowledgeable, well-organized and enthusiastic in their presentations. Your Directory is filling a need for both the communities it serves and for the speakers who are featured in it.

Jackie Headly, Adult Program Coordinator, Newport Beach Library

Thanks for offering this program to our organization, ABWA. The speakers from your group have been informative and entertaining. Our organization has benefited greatly from the quality of the speakers.

Kathryn E. Van Houten, American Business Women’s Association 

Thank you for your great Directory. Our organization, Women in Management, has used it for several years to book our monthly dinner speakers. This is my first year in charge of planning our programs, and I was nervous about booking speakers until I saw your Directory. With a variety of speakers to select from, I have been able to easily fulfill the organization’s needs. The speakers I’ve contacted have all been professional and have followed through as they said they would. Keep up the good work!

Kathy Hanks, Vice President, Programs, Women in Management 

We were very fortunate to have Kristin MacDonald as a guest speaker for our Lunch & Learn session. She is everything you want a speaker to be: great at holding the interest of the audience, humorous in her delivery of the information, interactive, and she welcomed questions. The staff was completely engaged by Kristin, and surrounded her after the session to ask further questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker for any organization. Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your story – you are such an inspiration and role model!

Brigid Stancin, Human Resources Manager, Encompass Digital Media 

Joyce Schwarz is an outstanding speaker. Her knowledge and expertise in the subject matter is very informative, and I would recommend her as a keynote speaker for conferences, corporations and associations globally.

Robbie Motter, NAFE Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator 

We felt most fortunate to have Dr. Denise Williamson, Orthopedic Surgeon, speak to our group. We appreciate the effort you put into your publication, and we know the information will serve us well.

Edith Joachim, Retired Public Employees Association of California 

I will be positively recommending your service throughout my networking circle of administrative professionals who have meeting coordination responsibilities. Reverend Margaret Shepherd spoke at my Open House/Membership meeting in September and was very well-received. She was fantastic – and I’ve already started receiving contacts from speakers from your Directory willing to be my keynote speaker for our next event. I am very thankful to you, as now I will be able to make a selection and offer my guests not only a wonderful APW dinner experience, but they will gain valuable knowledge along with re-certification points.

Linda M. Henderson, Intn Assoc for Administrative Professionals 

I want you to know how much the KNX Speakers Bureau appreciates your most helpful Speakers Directory. What an incredible resource it has proven to be, not only for us, but for service clubs, corporations, and educational institutions as well. We receive almost a dozen calls a day from meeting planners who desperately need a speaker for an upcoming event, and if we can’t help them, I tell them about your service. Everyone should know about you!

Bill Wolff, KNX News Radio, Los Angeles

I wish to applaud the Directory as an extraordinary, valuable resource for getting us top-flight, professional speakers.

G. Skybyrg, Meeting Planner and Guest Coordinator, Alameda Writers Group