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Topics: Healthy Lifestyle, Movement Educator, Stress Management, Wellness, Work/Life Balance

Areas: S. California

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Do you sit, stand, walk and perform everyday movements in a way that promotes health and well-being?

“If you sit, stand and walk in the wrong way, you can undermine your health,” says internationally-acclaimed gymnast and physical therapist Eva Nemeth. “But do these everyday actions in the right way and you can correct a lifetime of bad habits and actually increase health and well-being.” Known for her breakthrough system, the EVA Approach, Eva’s motivational presentations show how to move through your day using healthy movements that strengthen your body and make you feel good. With diabetes, heart disease and obesity on the rise, the EVA Approach to synchronizing mind and body will give you the confidence that you are doing everything you can to avoid these common ailments and others, such as hip pain, back pain, and stress-related injuries.

Eva’s talks are delivered with compassion and spiritual wisdom, and she is known for her multi-dimensional approach to achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. You’ll learn how to sit, stand, walk, and perform everyday actions in a way that corrects a lifetime of bad habits, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a culture where poor diet, stress and lack of physical exercise is often the norm. The EVA Approach to health-enhancing movement is trusted by clients like Uma Thurman, Vivica A. Fox and Lynn Redgrave, who rely on movement in their careers. You’ll leave Eva’s inspiring presentation with the energy and confidence that comes from knowing you’re on the fast-track to easy, pain-free movement and optimum health.


Eva’s keynote presentations, workshops and seminars are great for health and wellness groups, spas, and companies interested in employee health, and they are customized to meet your group’s needs and goals. They are offered in one hour, half-day or full day formats and qualify for Continuing Education (CEU) Program credit. Each attendee receivesThe Owner’s Manual for the Human Body featuring easy-to-follow illustrations that detail the postures and movements that Eva teaches, allowing listeners to immediately put into practice what they have learned.

Sit and Stay Fit

Targeted to those who sit but want to be fit. “Every day we do certain physical things simply because we’re alive,” says Eva. “We sit, stand, walk, reach for a book, spend hours at the computer, climb stairs, lie down — but are we moving and resting in ways that keep our bodies aligned for optimal health?” Learn how to better yourself physically, emotionally and mentally — not through buying some piece of equipment that gathers dust, or by eating or not eating special foods, but by doing the things you always do in a way that supports total wellness.

Move Your Body to Better Performance

Targeted to those who move for a living: dancers, actors, singers, musicians and other performing artists in campus settings or individual training programs. In this workshop, performers will learn about anatomy from a performer’s perspective and how to determine their personal centers and balance in new and different ways. You’ll be given a method to understand your strengths and weaknesses through assessments of movement combinations, and we’ll fill in the gaps where little or no attention has been given to basic and necessary movement education.

Moving Clients to Wellness

Targeted to those who move others for a living: wellness educators, physical education teachers, physical therapists, fitness trainers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, dance and performance teachers, and other complementary health therapeutic practitioners of all modalities. Learn ways to help your clients who experience reduced mobility, chronic pain, or overuse/repetitive stress symptoms. Participants will learn and experience: three-dimensional body explorations; awakening movements from inside- out; how to distinguish harmonious, natural movement from disharmonious movement; basic postural habits and body positions, from supine to vertical; how to introduce necessary changes into your daily routine; new ways to enhance teaching tools you already have; and how to obtain and maintain ’ownership’ of the body.

Eva Nemeth has been a physical therapy practitioner and wellness consultant for more than 30 years. She began her professional career as an internationally-celebrated gymnast and later taught modern dance and rhythmic gymnastics. Today, her hands-on workshops, seminars and speaking engagements have established her as one of the leading specialists in achieving physical and mental well-being.

What people are saying…

“Eva is a gift. Her philosophy, broad expertise, passion for teaching and colorful delivery make her not only a gift but a star.”
— Ping Ho, MA, MPH, Director, UCLA Arts and Healing

“There are many good teachers in the world of movement; Eva Nemeth is among the great. She has an uncanny ability to draw from her expertise in physical therapy, dance and gymnastics to create mind-body solutions for the challenges of everyday life.”
— Larry Payne, Ph.D., co author of Yoga for Dummies and Yoga Rx; Founding President, International Association of Yoga Therapists

“Eva Nemeth is a brilliant and intuitive educator. She speaks the language of mind, body and spirit like no other. She has been a constant source of inspiration for many years, and has helped us regain alignment and health. We have never known a more competent, compassionate and motivational healer.”
— Rick Foster and Greg Hicks, bestselling authors of Choosing Brilliant Health and How We Choose to Be Happy