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Title: Integrity Sales Specialist

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Integrity sales specialist teaches professionals to apply the concepts of Integrity Selling that yield greater profits for both client and sales rep while ensuring a lasting relationship.

Are you selling based on your clients’ needs or your own? Are you losing sales—and losing their trust? “Whatever your sales specialty, integrity sells!” says master sales guru Diane Ciotta, who has impacted the careers of countless sales professionals around the country through her high-energy, common sense approach to Integrity-based Selling.

Can you balance your clients’ needs with your own without compromising your integrity to enjoy a win-win outcome? “Of course,” says Diane. “Integrity Selling will actually boost your commissions.” Her dynamic talk reveals exactly why this is true and how you can feel better about yourself as a salesperson while increasing your income, starting today.

Dubbed “The Integrity Sales Specialist,” Diane draws on her passion, experience, and relatability to infuse her sales exec audience with a commitment to “sell based on your clients’ needs, not your own.” And the feedback from sales professionals and CEOs nationwide? Sales actually increase! Diane’s audiences are raving about how dramatically her “selling with integrity” system has boosted their sales and improved client relationships!

The Founder of Training Classics, Diane motivates her audience to move past a “been-there-done-that-still-doing-it” perspective, instilling in them a solid belief
and commitment to the proven strategy that Integrity Sells! Her entertaining style—a unique mix of Jersey sarcasm and Italian passion—focuses on:

  • Balancing professional achievement with personal morals
  • Increasing confidence to initiate new business contacts effectively
  • Highlighting value vs. cost to increase close ratios and improve client retention rates

During this fun, interactive presentation, Diane answers all your questions (sometimes before you ask!), then dialogues with you to help you use Integrity Selling on the job now. Her high-energy personality and vast knowledge of the sales industry drives her points home with laser precision, so the audience leaves fully prepared to earn their clients’ trust and guide them to products that really do solve their problems. The result? Both client and salesperson profit while forming a secure and lasting relationship.

You’ll leave master sales strategist Diane Ciotta’s dynamic presentations inspired by her energy, and recharged and recommitted to doing what’s right for both your clients and yourself. And you’ll be deeply touched by Diane’s heroic fight to bring integrity back to sales so that both salesperson and client achieve new profit highs. After hearing Diane Ciotta, you’ll remember what sales is all about: helping clients find new, innovative solutions that make their lives better.

What people are saying…
“Diane has been a featured presenter on multiple occasions at national conferences. She is easy to work with, a great resource, and consistently receives extremely high ratings from the attendees. We are proud to say that she is a true friend of the publishing industry.”
—Tim Bingaman, Circulation Verification Council

Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, Groups
  • Executive Managers, Sales Reps, Team Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses
  • Realtors/Real Estate Associations

Integrity Sells!

Presented as a keynote, breakout, seminar or workshop, retreat, training and Webinar. Diane Ciotta is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

In this interactive, concept-based presentation, Diane engages first-time reps and seasoned professionals to shift their sales mindset from “conquest to consultation.” “A professional sales process is not a debate, but a mutually beneficial exchange,” she says, and you’ll learn how to achieve this win-win scenario by identifying the prospect’s needs and highlighting the benefits of those products and services most likely to solve their problem.

You’ll learn the Sales Integrity approach to:

1) Making an opening sales conversation more comfortable for both the sales executive and the prospect, to ensure it’s productive.

2) Defining the need to confirm that appropriate products/services are recommended and that value vs. cost is evident.

3) Overcoming objections with confidence to increase close ratios and maximize return on investment opportunities.

The audience learns Diane’s proven techniques for emphasizing integrity and encouraging confidence. Ultimately, they discover how to turn client relationships into long-term alliances that include up-selling opportunities and recommendations, and result in increased incremental revenue and enhanced account retention.


Meet Diane Ciotta…

By the age of 19, Diane Ciotta had already made history as the youngest store manager at any Manhattan-based company.

But for the next 12 years, as her retail and advertising sales career took off, she often witnessed colleagues selling with a lack of integrity. Even worse, in her own drive for success, she later found her own conduct wavering as she strained to reach her professional goals—earning commissions and gaining recognition—while vowing never to compromise her ethics. But then the day came when she defied her own belief in integrity, pushed too far—and lost her company’s biggest client. Then and there, she swore “never to make another sale based on my own needs, but rather on the needs of my clients.”

And it worked! After vowing to Sell with Integrity no matter what, advertising sales, sales management, and sales coaching for the publishing company where she worked went through the roof, and she piled up record revenues that remain unchallenged to this day.

Regaining her lost client with her change of focus, Diane began teaching integrity-based workshops for the entire sales staff. A year later, in 1989, she followed her entrepreneurial instincts and established Training Classics as a sales refinement company with a passion for encouraging sales executives to “sell based on their clients’ needs vs. their own.” As a result of her positive influence and numerous speaking requests, Diane has broadened her focus outside the proverbial sales training box and diversified her company to keynote for a variety of sales-minded audiences.

Diane’s philosophy for success has been featured online and in over 60 US magazines. She co-authored her first book, Pushing to the Front, with renowned motivational speaker Brian Tracy and has published her own book Shut-Up & Sell! a short, fun message about listening vs. talking for success in professional selling.

Diane was born and raised in Central New Jersey, where she still resides with her husband. She has two adult sons, a sweet daughter-in-law, and three precious grandchildren.

What people are saying…

“It’s remarkable to watch a group of seasoned sales professionals and first-time sales reps get so engaged in one of Diane’s sales refinement sessions! The room can be filled with people who have taken dozens of her courses as well as those who have met her for the first time, yet she has an acute sense of exactly what each and every person’s thinking, and answers questions before they’re even asked. Her knowledge and understanding of the sales industry is shockingly vast, and her high-energy personality helps her drive all of her points home with great efficiency.

“Away from center stage, she’s the model of moral perfection and will put nothing before her integrity and willingness to please others. Her warmth, patience, creativity, and never-give-up attitude are just some of her finer qualities that make her a fantastic speaker and highly regarded industry expert.”
—Justin Gerena, President, JB Multimedia

“Diane has been a featured presenter on multiple occasions at national conferences. She is easy to work with, a great resource, and consistently receives extremely high ratings from the attendees. We are proud to say that she is a true friend of the publishing industry.”
—Tim Bingaman, Circulation Verification Council

“Comments from your session included: ‘Infectious/contagious, positive attitude, good pointers,’ ‘Great energy, humor,’ and ‘One of the best ever! Refreshing!’ Again, overall great job!”
—Larry Reeves, American Association of Inside Sales Professionals


Product Details

New! Shut-Up & Sell!

Too much talking and too little listening is a typical practice of too many sales executives. Common sense suggests that having two ears and one mouth is a clear indication that they should be used in that proportion–particularly in professional selling. But then again, common sense just isn’t so common, is it?

As a result of goals and incentives combined with a natural competitive nature, salespeople are often driven to be fast-talking, self-centered, high-pressure individuals, causing their integrity to be compromised.

Selling with integrity is perceived as an oxymoron, because ordinary salespeople approach the sales process like it’s a competitive sport–where there is a winner and a loser and the entire game is played on the defensive. But extraordinary sales professionals engage in the art of combining integrity with passion and focus on meeting their clients’ needs versus their own needs, by not trying to fit square pegs into round holes!

Shut-Up & Sell encourages sales specialists to incorporate an integrity-focused approach to professional selling based on common-sense principles depicted in humorous, real-life examples. It begins with a sincere interest to meet a need and develops into a mutually beneficial relationship.

In sales, walking the tightrope of attaining desired professional accomplishments while maintaining personal integrity is a bold yet achievable balance that when perfected, results in genuine ultimate success!

Pushing to the Front (with Brian Tracy)

The Celebrity Authors in this book have one thing in common – passion for their goals. They have ‘blood, sweat and tears’ invested to make a success of their pursuits. Now, we all have passion, which is one part of the menu for success, but do we have a plan to utilize and direct that passion? The Celebrity Experts in their field in this book have developed multiple methods to succeed in their fields. They started out looking to improve their health, wealth and success in their lives. See how they achieved their success. They will show you their secrets. With odds not much different from yours, and at times much more difficult, read how these Celebrity Experts have done it, then copy these methods of “Pushing to the Front” to achieve YOUR goals. One finds limits by pushing them. ~ Herbert Simon