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Topics: Feng Shui, Motivational, Self Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Sensuality, Women’s Empowerment

Travels from: California


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Sensual Lifestyle Specialist, educator and author shows how to turn your life into a sensual experience and tap your power to make more money, reduce stress, and create thriving relationships.

Are you stuck on the ‘I wish’ couch − or dancing in the ‘I’m making it happen’ playroom? Is there a gap between the life you dream of and the life you’re living? Sensual Lifestyle Specialist Deborah Kagan’s fun, energetic talk shows how to close that gap now! A popular guest speaker on the topic of sensuality and how to transform all areas of your life − personal, business, and spiritual − into creativity, passion, and wealth, she’ll give you the tips and techniques you need to start “living below the neck” and bring more confidence and vitality into your life.

You’ll learn the secrets that have helped Deborah’s clients experience 7-figure incomes, stronger health, better sex and greater self-esteem, and you’ll break the illusion, once and for all, that you need something outside yourself for success. The best-selling author of Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life and the upcoming The Sensually Empowered Woman, Deborah shows how to increase your personal magnetism, turbo-charge your career, and awaken your innate sensuality so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Deborah’s residential and corporate clients include NBC, Disney, Bellagio Hotel, The Discovery Channel, CAA, and the William Morris Agency, and she’ll give you the same cutting-edge tips she gives them. You’ll leave her life-changing presentation with a new outlook, personally and professionally, ready to connect with your brilliance and experience more meaningful relationships, increased energy, and phenomenal success.


Keynote Presentations

Each talk is customized for your group and can be presented as a Keynote, Breakout, Workshop, Retreat, Training, or Webinar. Deborah is also available as a panel guest or moderator.


Everything is Energy: How to Align Yours for Big Breakthroughs to Success
Best-fit audiences: Business Groups, Entrepreneurs, Small Offices, Spas and Women’s Groups

Are you aware that EVERYTHING is energy? Have you been waiting for inspiration to make that big breakthrough to your ultimate success? Are you looking for renewed confidence and greater personal awareness? Your Sensual Lifestyle Specialist, Deborah Kagan, will reveal the secrets to tapping into the specific energy that allows you to make BIG breakthroughs in your business, relationships and health. She’ll give you the tools that get you off the ‘wishing’ couch and into the ‘I’m making it happen’ playroom!

Find Your ME Spot: The 3 Secrets to Authentically Owning Your Power (based on Deborah’s popular book)
Best-fit audiences: Business Groups, Entrepreneurs, Small Offices, Spas, Women’s Groups, Healers, Coaches, Executive Managers

Do you know that “living below the neck” is the ultimate key to harnessing your energy for more creativity, love, and vitality? Do you realize that your #1 Energy Source lives in your body, you can access it 24/7, and it’s always been there? Learn how all your life experiences (physical and emotional) are locked up in your body and have the potential to hold you back from living your juiciest life (including positive energy flow, bigger bank accounts and powerful orgasms). Learn the 3 steps Deborah uses with her private clients that will unlock YOUR power.

Live Life Lusciously: Be the CEO of Your Sensual Self
Best-fit audiences: Women’s Groups, Business Groups, Entrepreneurs and Spas

Ready to be fully confident in your own skin? Do you want to be the woman who inspires others? Are you struggling with finding your sensually-empowered self? Learn how to tap into your 6 sensual profiles to reap BIG rewards personally and professionally.


Get REAL! How to Have an Economic, Emotional and Energetic Turnaround
Best-fit audiences: Women’s Groups, Corporations, Business Groups, Sales Reps and Entrepreneurs

Ever feel like every day is spent fighting one battle after another? Feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? Deborah reveals how to bring the light instantly to you in order to spend your days smooth sailing.

Success NOW! The 5 Keys to Your Storehouse of Personal Magnetism
Best-fit audiences: Women’s Groups, Corporations, Business Groups, Sales Reps and Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder why some people command attention the moment they enter a room? Often, they’re not the best-looking person, and they’re not even wearing the best clothes. But heads turn. People want to know who they are. They want to buy what they sell. They just plain want to be around their energy. Deborah reveals the 5 keys to ramp up YOUR magnetic attraction factor so you’ll be the one everyone wants to know.

Feng Wha?! How to Turbo-Charge Your Career and Create Harmony in the Office
Best-fit audiences: Women’s Groups, Corporations, Business Groups, Sales Reps, Real Estate and Entrepreneurs

Do you know that your environment affects over 30% of your results − and most of us spend more than 70% of our time at the office? The law of relativity states that the closer something is to you, the greater effect it has. And do you realize that the closest thing to you for the majority of your day is your office? Learn how to turn your office into a revenue-generating machine that has EVERYONE excited to be there (Yes, that includes all the employees).

Meet Deborah Kagan…

Deborah Kagan is an educator, author, and Sensual Lifestyle Specialist who helps people tap their innate power to make more money, reduce stress and create thriving relationships. She’s the #1 best-selling author of Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life and the forthcoming The Sensually Empowered Woman.

Deborah’s methods combine over 20 years of information and experience in the fields of holistic health and human sexuality. For twelve of those years, she has been “Healing the Planet – One Space at a Time™” through her dynamic Feng Shui consultations with residential and corporate clients, including NBC, The Discovery Channel, Disney, Bellagio Hotel, CAA and the William Morris Agency. She’s a certified yoga teacher, a longtime disciple of Master Lin Yun, a student of David Deida, and a graduate of Dr. Ava Caddell’s Loveology University. As a philanthropist and community activist, Deborah is founder and executive producer of VDay Santa Monica, a benefit raising awareness and funds to end violence against women and girls.

Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life Kindle EditionA life rich with sensuality, confidence, and juicy yumminess is the birthright of every woman…yes, even you! If you’re a woman, you already have everything you need to live your most fabulous life. Really. You don’t need to change your looks, your finances, or your life situation–you just need to reclaim that which is already yours! In her inimitable fun and sassy voice, Sensual Lifestyle Specialist, Deborah Kagan gives you 52 sexy and delightful ways to find your ME spot, and turn your life into the rich, delicious feast it is meant to be.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create Sexy Solo Time (and no, it’s not as naughty as it sounds…although it can be if you want!).
  • Use your own backyard and neighborhood to recover a sense of adventure.
  • Heighten your understanding of who you are and what you really want…and how to take yourself there.
  • Play with the qualities you already possess to uncover your ideal self.
  • Appreciate fabulous, beautiful YOU, and all the sensual goodness inside.

Each section is based on one of your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) and offers you a variety of ways to use that sense to spice up your life and bring more joy and pleasure into your world. So fix yourself a cuppa something nice, get comfy in your favorite spot, light up some candles (part of the MOJO-enhancing of tip #45!), and get ready to Find Your ME Spot!