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Topics: Business, Entrepreneurial Solutions, Entrepreneurship, Self Empowerment, Success, Women’s Issues

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Master Certified Life Coach shows how to free yourself from The Approval Trap so you can attract ideal clients, be confident about your product or service, raise your rates, and do the unique work you’re meant to do.

Is there an invisible enemy blocking your success? Do you appear successful but secretly feel stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled?

“Many smart and successful women have a hidden adversary,” says Master Certified Life Coach, writer and speaker Amy Pearson. “It’s The Approval Trap – the need to be liked by everyone and be selfless and perfect in everything you do!” The Approval Trap is like a secret addiction, says Amy, and until you address this powerful inner adversary, it keeps you from taking the risks you need to grow your business and get paid what you deserve. How do you know if you’re caught in The Approval Trap? Here are some of the signs:

  • You want the Entire Known Universe to like you, so instead of attracting ideal clients, you end up with a hodgepodge.
  • You constantly question your competence and don’t want to raise your rates because you want your clients to have an amazing experience and you’re not sure if the quality of your work justifies asking for more money.
  • You secretly fear you will fail, and so even though you have big dreams, you never really give it 100 percent because the world might find out you’re incompetent.
  • You don’t think you have anything new to offer, so you resist putting yourself out there because there are a million people who can do what you do better.

The good news, says Pearson, is that it doesn’t have to be this way. In her life-changing presentation, “The Approval Trap: The Secret Reason You Can’t Raise Your Rates, Attract Your Ideal Client, or Create Kick-Ass Results in Your Biz and Life (And How to Fix It Right Now), she shows how to stop playing small and step into the life you’ve always wanted. Her 6-step “Be Brazen Blueprint” helps you replace The Approval Trap with Radical Authenticity, which gives you the power to attract the people you’re meant to serve (your tribe) and do the unique work in the world you’re meant to do.

“When you see through The Approval Trap,” says Amy, “you’ll raise your rates with total confidence and attract clients eager to pay what you’re worth.” You’ll leave her dynamic talk knowing how to triumph over this invisible enemy that has you constantly questioning your competence and fearing you’re not giving your clients enough value. And you’ll stop holding your business – and YOU – back, able to be of deep service to your clients, your colleagues, and to the world.

Best-fit Audiences:

Executive managers, sales reps
Entrepreneurs, small offices
Therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches
Women entrepreneurs, small business owners
Writers, healers
Women’s groups; women who want to do big things

Signature Presentation:

The Approval Trap: The Secret Reason You Can’t Raise Your Rates, Attract Your Ideal Client, or Create Kick-Ass Results in Your Biz and Life (And How to Fix It Right Now)

Presented as a Keynote, Breakout, Workshop or Seminar (½ day, full-day), Retreat, Training or Webinar. Amy Pearson is also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator.

What’s the biggest mistake that women who are on a mission to attract the ideal client make? How can “failure” bring better clients and make your income soar?Does being “likable” make you stand out in the competitive marketplace? Can striving for perfection actually repel clients and prevent you from creating a kick-ass business that makes money? In this fun-filled talk, Amy Pearson gives you the powerful 6-step program she used to create dramatic changes in her life and business and overcome The Approval Trap once and for all.


•   Working ONLY with ideal clients and having them send you gifts and messages of gratitude
•    Having a wait list for your services
•    Receiving dozens of “likes” and positive comments as soon as you post to your blog
•    Living a life full of adventure in which you take risks and play on a regular basis – which makes your work in the world even better
•   Having over 1000 people on your e-mail list or Facebook fan page? And enjoying several new sign-ups each day because people are fascinated by you
•    People asking you on a regular basis how you got to be so awesome
•   Feeling exhilarated and proud as you complete your first book
•    Waking up each day energized and excited to do your work in the world
•   And more…

Amy Pearson is a Master Certified Life Coach, coach mentor, and instructor for Martha Beck’s life coach training. She is a teacher, writer and speaker. A former approval addict (with the occasional relapse), Amy is now addicted to success. Her mission is nothing short of world peace by empowering every woman on a mission to attract their ideal clients (tribe), make great money, and have an epic impact while doing their unique work in the world.

What people are saying…

“This was the best class I have EVER taken!”
– Tammi W.

“SUPERB call today! I’m just about to launch into coaching certification (with CTI) and my saboteurs are very loud right now your message about being ‘scared shitless’ resonated big time. I am scared shitless about launching into this certification process, which I now realize means that it’s something deeply meaningful for me. I’m actually feeling gratitude for my fear right now!”
–  Sabrina M.

“GREAT class – OMG! I’ve been having so many aha’s between your lessons on approval addiction and perfectionism. Thank you for these profound insights!” 
– Sandi S.