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Availability: Canada; Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Florida; National (USA)

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Topics: Change Management, Leadership, Spirituality, Team Building, Stress Management, Mindfulness

Areas: Canada; Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Florida; National (USA)

Titles: Leadership Development Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Storyteller, Minister, Facilitator, Coach


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Leadership expert, minister and master storyteller shows how to find passion in your work, connect with your deepest purpose, and discover the difference you can make in the world.

In a Nutshell
Is your business facing dramatic change? Are you a leader guiding your group through a scary, uncertain future? If your business or organization needs fresh solutions in communication, teamwork, ethics, governance, or leadership in uncertain times, Alisdair Smith’s passionate presentation will challenge your thinking and propel team leaders and employees alike to greater willingness and fulfillment. “I believe all people dance between their personal and business selves, and when synergy is struck, they give 150% of themselves,” says Alisdair, who gently provokes his audiences to new levels of self-awareness, teamwork, and connection with their deepest purpose.

A visionary thinker, questioner, and sought-after facilitator, Alisdair Smith’s professional opinion is sought throughout North America by executives in financial services, learning and development, human resources, and by non-profits and social entrepreneurs. An engaging, experienced presenter, he draws on 20 years’ experience supporting teams, boards and work groups as they seek vision and clarity about their mission. A sought-after expert in leadership and team building, he shows how to boost your leadership skills quickly and powerfully, get out of your personal “story,” and bring more challenge and adventure into your life. “My mission is to help you change your mind so you can change your future,” he says. “It’s not about me; you are the hero of my presentation.”

You’ll leave Alisdair’s energetic presentation with a new perspective on yourself as a leader, a 5-step action plan to enhance your leadership skills, and a deep sense of purpose that increases personal and professional fulfillment.

Fast Facts

  • Alisdair offers a unique blend of business and spirituality and brings life, energy, humor and enthusiasm to every presentation.
  • Alisdair is a master storyteller who blends current and ancient sources, making him a particularly engaging speaker.
  • Audiences describe Alisdair as having “twice the dose of positive energy one person can contain.”

You’ll learn how to…

  • Quickly develop powerful leadership skills and resolve team conflicts
  • Build your networks so you can co-create the future you want
  • Blend spirituality with the everyday work of leading people
  • Identify your current personal “story” and write the story you want to live
  • Replace a story that’s disrupting your life with one that offers new challenges and adventures
  • Boost your ability to connect with others
  • Build your courage and adaptability
  • Push against well-worn “how to’s” and discover who you are really becoming
  • Develop your vision, mission, values and deeper purpose

Why Alisdair Smith is unique…
Alisdair makes 5 promises to his audience:

  • I promise to be genuinely enthusiastic about our work together.
  • I promise that this will not be about me, but about the dialogue, conversations and exploration for your group or conference.
  • I promise to keep our commitments with each other and to meet mutually agreed deadlines.
  • I promise to be a good guest in your workplace or conference, and to treat everyone I meet through you with hospitality, respect and compassion.
  • I promise to treat our business together with integrity. I will be on time. I will be prepared. I will make you look good in the eyes of your peers, colleagues and shareholders.

What people are saying…
“Alisdair was the perfect facilitator for us: deep expertise and knowledge into the human side while able to blend, connect and provide value to young teams of professionals.”
– Chris Dickin, Central1 Credit Union

Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, Non-Profits
  • Young and Emerging Leaders
  • Business & Civic Groups
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials
  • Community Organizations
  • Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Parents, Educators
  • Churches, Synagogues, Religious Groups
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hospitality Organizations, Restaurant Associations
  • Health Workers, Healers, Caretakers, Cancer Survivors


Offered as a keynote, breakout, seminar or workshop, retreat, training and webinar, and customized for your group. Alisdair Smith is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

5 Thrives for the Digital (R)evolution

The socio-economic challenges we face today are driven by a technological revolution as profound as the Industrial Revolution that began in the late 18th century. The changes wrought by this Digital Revolution mean that the world of 2071 will be as different from the world of 2017 as the world of 1850 was from the world of 1750. But given our history as a species, the journey to 2071 could be dangerous—if not deadly— for most of us.

Of course, if you were born after 1985, this is less a Revolution and more an Evolution! To thrive in this new world, you must become a more powerful leader. Powerful leaders are highly self-aware, effectively networked, and are able to persevere and learn. And they’re prepared to explore “disruptive spiritualities” that comfort in difficult times and provoke when we grow complacent. In his energetic presentation, Alisdair provides the strategies you need to turn you and your audience into powerful leaders so you can thrive in the midst of dramatic change.

This interactive presentation offers specific skills for both emerging and seasoned leaders whose goal is to co-create a world that’s safe for all people in the midst of these dramatically changing times. You’ll learn how to co-create new ways of living sustainable, healthy lives with the other inhabitants of this small, blue planet and how to work and live together to build better organizations and communities. Tech systems and networks are getting smarter all the time while most of us are playing games and watching Netflix. If we are to thrive in this new age, we must be better, more vigilant humans, for ourselves and for each other. How can you lead and thrive in this complex time? Join Alisdair to learn more about the 5 Thrives for the Digital (R)evolution.

Meet Alisdair Smith…

Alisdair Smith is one of the most inspirational and joyful motivators today. He is an inspirer of action and a man who exudes gratitude. His ability to teach and create change is more often than not, addicting and he speaks to over 100 audiences across North America each year. In his career he has impacted over a million individuals. His Blog, Leadership Notes is now in its eighth year in publication.

He studies, works and teaches in human capital development. He has shared the stage with Don Tapscott, Drew Dudley, Marc Kielburger, and Adam Kreek, to name only a few. Alisdair has tens of thousands of hours as an influencer and has taught and designed leadership programs at the Masters level in two Canadian universities. He is Deacon and Business Chaplain at Christ Church Anglican Cathedral in Vancouver and has facilitated conversations for the Connecting for Change Dialogues through the Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education, and for the SFU Public Square. He is also a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner, and is certified in a number of human capital development programs.

Alisdair holds his Masters degrees in Theology and Ethics as well as undergraduate degrees/diplomas in Communications and Radio and Television Arts and Sciences and is an accomplished theologian.

What people are saying…

“I really enjoyed collaborating with Alisdair on a leadership development workshop for our management team. His expertise of the subject matter and ability to understand the culture and team’s needs resulted in a very engaging session. I highly recommend Alisdair and welcome the opportunity to work together again!”
– Judy Hughes, VantageOne Credit Union

“Alisdair is a facilitator and colleague like no other! His work ethic, professionalism and personality is inclusive, fun, and insightful. An advocate of knowledge sharing, he will always leave you with ways that will make your life easier! As a facilitator, he is engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking! He has a teaching style that will keep you interested, engaged in a way that you will retain and be able to apply the information from his class for months to come. He also never fails to exceed every expectation!
–  Andrew Melanson, The Mobie Shop

“Alisdair is a skilled and dynamic facilitator who uniquely delivers based on a client’s individual needs. He worked with our company to prepare our staff for a major organizational change. Many staff felt they were better prepared due to Alisdair’s work. I also work with Alisdair as a colleague and recommend him highly as a facilitator and trainer.”
– Michelle Manary, HR Consultant

“Alisdair was the perfect facilitator for us: deep expertise and knowledge into the human side while able to blend, connect and provide value to young teams of professionals.”
– Chris Dickin, Central1 Credit Union

“Alisdair is one of the most engaging individuals that I know. His great strength is the ability to see through tactical details and understand the strategic implications of a challenge or opportunity. More importantly, he values multiple perspectives and uses them to help individuals or teams tackle challenges in a creative and fun way.”
– Darcy Mykytyshyn, Red Deer College

“Alisdair’s ability to draw upon a wide range of topics and sources, current and historical, and then bring it all together into a message that is relevant to the situation at hand makes him a particularly engaging speaker and storyteller.”
– John B., Managing Partner, Consulting Firm

Books by Alisdair Smith