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Topics: Business Building, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Networking, Social Media Marketing

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Al Lautenslager is an award-winning marketing/PR consultant, direct mail promotion specialist, author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, speaker and entrepreneur. 

Al’s businesses have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs succeed. He’s the principal of Market For Profits, a Chicago-based marketing consulting firm, and also the president and owner of a small business, The Ink Well, a commercial printing and mailing company in Wheaton, IL.

Al speaks to audiences wanting to learn more about building their businesses through low- or no-cost marketing tactics and helps individuals and organizations to cut through the clutter and market their businesses more efficiently. Al delivers animated and interactive keynotes, and half/full day trainings that have a profound impact on audiences. You’ll learn strategies from simple networking tips and techniques to Al’s trademark “Guerrilla Marketing” methods that can be put into use the same day.


Available for Full or Half Day Workshops, Conferences, Keynotes, Panels and Consultation

Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days
Distilled from the best-selling “marketing” book series in history (with more than 14 million copies sold worldwide in 39 languages), Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days encourages busy business professionals and CEO’s to hurdle the excuses of time, money, or motivation, and take dynamic strides toward new client acquisition and increased sales by following a 30-day marketing blueprint.

  • What to Do If Your Answers To These Questions are “No”:
  • Do you have MORE customers than you can handle?
  • Can’t decide where to begin marketing?
  • Aren’t sure how to put the pieces together or can’t stay motivated and focused?

Al will also discuss what to do if your advertising budget is virtually non-existent and how to get massive PR without an agency.

“Effective marketing is the key to business survival, growth and success,” Al states, “and right here (Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days) is the journey.” Starting at ground zero, this book cuts a swath though the jungle of marketing madness, and outlines an effective plan of attack focused on the day-by-day implementation of key marketing fundamentals.

Gleaned from the same ingenious strategies detailed in the best-selling series, Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days delivers a powerful summary of essential marketing tactics and cuts to the heart of Guerrilla Marketing, while taking readers to levels of success they may have deemed unreachable.

“Opportunity is Everywhere, You Just Have to Know Where To Look”
Half the current growth in the U.S. economy, alone, comes from companies that didn’t exist ten years ago. Companies creating new wealth aren’t simply executing better, they’re changing the rules of the game, and creating situations, environments and experiences that produce opportunities; all familiar guerrilla values. Attendees will learn these perspectives and values.

We look around and see successful people and businesses and often wonder why we can’t be like them. These people and organizations have found opportunity or opportunity was handed to them. Is it luck? Is it fate? Was it created? Did it just happen? Finding these answers is almost the equivalent of finding the “holy grail.” One thing, however, is certain: Opportunity exists for everyone, everywhere; you just have to know where to look. Hearing Al will help you learn how.

  • Find out how to recalibrate your radar to find pebbles of opportunity that turn into boulders of success.
  • Learn a new perspective on “reconnecting the dots” to link unrelated things into opportunity.
  • Find out how your dreams and opportunity go together.
  • Learn how going against conventional wisdom creates opportunity.
  • Featuring the all new, unique RADAR process to help companies & organizations find opportunity.
  • Find out how Conventional Wisdom is Wrong

Networking for Success

We all know that networking is part of the career search process but it is more than just showing up. Knowing how to do it the right way can increase your network, referrals and results significantly. Al has used these tips to build successful businesses, launch a new book, help others find jobs and in many other ways. He will share with us his tips, techniques and secrets to Networking for Success.

  • Who do you know? Who knows you?
  • The Power of Referrals has never been better
  • Find our how your kids can network for you
  • You have to know people to succeed in business
  • Jumpstart your sales
  • Featuring Al’s own “Networking Food Chain”
  • The Networking Process
  • The right and the wrong way to network
  • How to Network for anything
  • Networking Tips
  • Networking Do’s and Don’t’s
  • The best places to network

Hire Al to help your organization’s member also learn how to instantly add 50 people to their networks.

Entrepreneurism for Profits

Hear it from someone who has been through the trials and tribulations. Hear it from someone who lives the entrepreneurial dream each and everyday. Al has started up numerous businesses. Hear the stories, the insight and the lessons learned along the way. If you’ve ever had an itch to start your own business, you must hear this spirited, high energy presentation on entrepreneurism. Whether you are an idea person looking to get to the next step or a larger organization wanting to breed entrepreneurial spirit, Entrepreneurism For Profits is for you. Al’s passion becomes contagious and he is a vast resource for information related to this subject.

Instant Customers!

10 Things To Do To Get A Customer Now And Other Insider Secrets. Al provides the insiders secrets you need to know to build up a solid customer base for your businesses and how you can leverage those opportunities for quick business.

Laughing All The Way

A complementary session to add to any spouse program, banquet or recognition dinner.

If ever there was a time in our lives for humor, creativity and inspirational perspectives, now is it. Al Lautenslager provides the proper messages in a way that will promote happiness with all employees, joyful lives and creative thinking. Laughing all the way will get people laughing. Want your meeting to be a smashing success?

A positive tone, to set your meeting or conference into high gear as an opening keynote. Laughing All The Way. This fun and motivational presentation is just the thing. A positive tone, to set your meeting or conference into high gear as an opening keynote. Happy audience members that leave your convention, seminar, workshop or retreat laughing and thinking as a closing address.

Al uses business and real life experiences combined with humor that really does show that laughter is the best medicine. His style, presentation and ability to motivate, transforms perspectives into high energy, forward thinking mindsets. Audiences not only laugh and have fun but they leave energized, de-stressed and ever more creative.

This presentation has been described as delightful, amusing and even thought provoking with humorous anecdotes that keeps the fun meter on max. This program is guaranteed to bring laughter to your life.

Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs  

In the ever changing world of Web 2.0, this presentation will take a look at practical and common sense strategies for businesses and organizations’ entry into social media marketing. In this presentation, critical elements of a social media plan are reviewed, along with the tools, tactics and implementation techniques. Blogs, social networks, micro blogs, and other primary social media vehicles are covered, specifically Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Best practices and prioritized tools are covered as they relate to overall business objectives.

A review of how social media is perfect for gaining new members or customers in both good times and bad is done.

“Consumers are using social media services to aggregate and develop content, to connect to primary suppliers and to further supplier relationships.  This can translate into profitable sales volume if you have the right infrastructure, the right commitment and social media and networking connections in place.”

This program is designed to train entrepreneurs and related companies and individuals how to form these connections, how to develop the necessary relationships and how to drive business using the latest in social media marketing and social networking techniques.

Leadership a la Carte

From the Sopranos to Harley Davidson; from Jesus to Patton; from Lombardi to Moses, we learn leadership from those that are leaders. Much has been written about many leaders of our time: Lincoln, FDR, Jesus, Patton, Bush, Churchill, Lombardi and more. These are the people we think of when someone mentions leadership. Now for the first time ever in this format you can learn the leadership secrets of some of the hidden gems of leadership.

Who would have ever thought we could learn leadership lessons from Attila the Hun or Star Trek or The Sopranos. Now you can design your own motivational, inspirational, leadership keynote that will be delivered by Al Lautenslager. The good news is you get to design the content. Many Leadership books have been written about many leaders. Attached on the reverse side are those most popular leaders written about. You can’t read about them all; you don’t have to.

Just pick the 3-5 people that you want your own customized leadership message to be built around and Al will deliver it in his most entertaining, motivating and educational fashion. Your audience will leave better leaders.

Who knows? Maybe the next leadership book will be written about someone in your own organization.