Webinar: How Fleets Are Using B100 Biodiesel to Lower their Carbon Footprint

June 25, 2020
1 - 3 PM (CST)

Biodiesel has traditionally been blended with petroleum diesel. Recently, some forward-looking organizations have been using 100% biodiesel, known as B100, to take even greater advantage of the environmental benefits of biodiesel.

They’re doing this with a simple, affordable piece of technology that lets medium- and heavy-duty trucks run on B100 while still having access to petroleum diesel should they want it.

Learn more on June 25 as representatives from several organizations discuss:

  • The experiences of the Washington DC Department of Public Works and the city of Ames, Iowa, whose fleets are using B100
  • The technology that let’s diesel vehicles run on B100
  • The environmental and performance benefits of biodiesel
  • Grant opportunities for implementing B100

Brought to you by: Renewable Energy Group (REG), Optimus Technologies, Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition, National Biodiesel Foundation, D.C. Department of Public Works, City of Ames, New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition, Chicago Area Clean Cities, Virginia Clean Cities, Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition and Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation.

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