Police Alternative Fuel Summit

April 16, 2015
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Advanced VTech, Buffalo Grove

In conjunction with the Clean Cities organizations of Chicago, South Shore (Northwest Indiana), and Wisconsin, Advanced VTech will host an informational meeting regarding natural gas and propane fueling by law enforcement fleets. The goal is to disseminate complete and accurate information on alternative fuel options available for the fleets of Illinois’ police, sheriffs, and troopers. Being that these fleets consume significant fuel, they offer excellent payback on conversion investment with dramatic emissions reductions.


Rob Sheble: Advanced VTech

Samantha Bingham: Chicago Area Clean Cities/Chicago Department of Transportation

John Walton: Black Dog/ Chicago Area Clean Cities

Michael Vaughn: AmeriGas

David Hagopian: Advanced VTech

Adam Goldstein: STAG USA

Brian Wilcox: AGA Systems

John Burke: Tactical Energy Group

Carl Lisek: City of Milwaukee

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